God, guys, I sure an mad! My mom was giving me a HUGE talk this morning about self control and how she "KNOWS" I can stop my DDs if I try. "You can do anything if you put your mind to it." She said. So, if I put my mind to it, I can make my characters real and make my self become my idealized self? Sweet! /sarcasm/ I know she was trying to help me. I appreciate that. But she thinks she knows about MDD more than me because...well, because she's my mom. She has NEVER researched it, asked about, nothing. I compared myself to a drug attic with nothing but weed surounding them. Both my grandmas were addicted to either pills, smoking, drinking, ect. so I have addictive tendancies in my blood. She went off saying that she could be addicted to drinking or smoking, but she has enough self control not to. She doesn't understand it's hard to forget something or control something when it's constantly running through your brain. I wish she would understand. She told me to try to stop. She pleaded with me to stop because it was affecting my grades.

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I am so sorry for you. You were so brave to tell her, but she is no help to you. She can't understand, that you can't stop it with your will.

She is right that it can affect your grades, but it is not your fault - you are the victim.

Don't surpress your daydreaming - you would be depressed that you don't succeed and you will need it even more. But you can try to distract yourself from it. Meet classmates in the afternoons, you can learn together or just spend time together. If there is the possibility to be with your friends - do it, don't accept your excuses!

For learning at home, give yourself a very short time like 10 - 20 minutes to learn very concentrated and than about 30 minutes to relax (and dd if you need it). Then again another 10-20 minutes ... . You will see how effective you can learn in this short time. 

Don't give up your right to get councelling. I whish you all the best.



Ironic that you are able to research, study, and understand this mysterious and complex psychological condition that baffles doctors, yet, you are not capable of basic school work.

Are you sure it is not just boredom with the school work?

Tell your mom that Einstein had trouble in school too. That's right, mom, Einstein. Would she tell Einstein that he can do anything he sets his mind to?

Can't do anything you set your mind to if it is humanly impossible to control your mind (unless it is something that interest you).

Some of it is boredom, yes. BUT I DD when I'm on here, too. I have to take breaks because I get too distacted to concentrate on something I'm writing/typing. We're all victims to this disroder though.



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