These are the links to the guided meditations I listen to every day on my iPod. 

They are completely free.

Thought that maybe there'd be some folks out there who were interested in meditation but didn't know where to start.
Well.......this is where I started.
And I thought I'd share my experience with them.
The effects weren't immediate, but they slowly continue forward toward progress.

Mary Maddux at meditation oasis has a very pleasant voice and focuses on awareness which I personally recommend. I think us MD'rs tend to lose touch with ourselves.

She also stresses the point that there is "NO WRONG WAY" to meditate!!!! I put personal emphasis on this as an ADHD'r, as it is very easy to get frustrated if you're trying too hard.

The meditation podcast with the Sterns is focused more on goal specific meditations. Things like healing and life and attitude perspectives.
They also use binaural beat technology which are rapid beats set at a certain pitches that encourage the brain to sleep, relax, concentrate, ect......depending on the effect desired, so they recommend using headphones.
If you can't use headphones for whatever reason, still listen to it anyway... 'cause there ain't no wrong way to do it! :)

They average about 20 minutes long but they have longer and shorter ones depending on your schedule.

I listen to one or two episodes first thing in the morning with my coffee and cigarettes.
Sometimes I sit and go at it like the Dalai Lama, but mostly I  just sit and fidget. Doesn't really matter.
I whole heartedly believe that even though my conscious mind may wander, criticize, and doubt, my unconscious mind is alert and focused.
I am having some  success with this approach.

I then listen to a few more while I go about my morning business.(I work nights) Trying to follow along the best I can, but don't sweat it if can't.

In the evening I listen to one more just before I go to sleep.

The two things in therapy I've learned that have been the most influential for my meditations are the "body scan" and " letting go" of self-criticisms and doubt.

The "body scan" is pretty simple. Before meditation or when I'm stressed and anxious, I bring my attention to the major muscle groups of my body one at a time and notice which ones are tense.
I then push my belly out when I inhale and relax the tensed muscles.
This takes  just a few seconds.

It usually ends up being the stomach(shallow breathing), the neck, and shoulders.
But for me, the most important ones are the facial muscles. Don't know why, but it is.

"Letting go" takes some practice. But if you're like me and have Bi-Polar, ADHD or have some other disorder that interrupts your state of mind, then it is well worth your time to learn and practice it.
It involves being patient with yourself and not getting angry when you make a mistake or relapse into DDs while meditating. It also involves acknowledging the self- criticism and  doubt and just doing it anyway.
 This will help with and be reenforced by the meditations.
In the "colorful" language of my people it means: "F*** it!  Doin s***  half- a** is better than doin nuth'n".

I repeat this mantra when I can't do things the way I want to do them or begin to worry about whether I'm doing them the right way.

This is how I developed and continue developing my meditation habits and practices.

Anyway, this is my approach to meditation and it works for me. I hope you can find something useful out of all this and get your own thing going.

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Hey Samantha!
Glad you liked it. It has helped me immensely.

I can really relate to school problems.
I'd struggle a bit with the curriculum, fall behind, stress out, and then dive into DDs to get away from the stress.
And like my favorite song goes " I didn't know if I was the boxer or the (punching) bag".

I also listen to a guy named Joseph Clough. He's a motivational speaker/ hypnotist. I found him on iTunes, but he does have a website. He does sell stuff, though the bulk of the content is free.

I also found a hypnotherapist(Rachael Meddows) who makes a program for my iPod. The various apps cost money but well worth it if your responding to meditation.
For my iPod the first app was free and promoted meditation habits. The second one cost me five bucks and  and promoted self-forgiveness. Both of these are currently knocking my socks off( I listen to them like I do the meditations).
I intend to buy the greater portion of her other apps.
I think I read once that MDrs are easily hypnotized. Seems to me like a good idea to take advantage of that.

Thanks, will give this a try. :D


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