I'm new to this site and what relief it is to find others like myself I thought I was the only one. My MD started when my parents divorced after a year of separation. We also moved a lot (didn't spend more than a year at one place) so it was hard for me to maintain friendships eventually I just stopped trying all together and stayed in the house with my favorite tv shows and books. Those became my "friends". Initially, my day dreams would either consist of me as someone else (more beautiful, more outgoing the person everyone wants to be around and every guy wants) or I would take those characters from those tv shows and recreate my own scenarios as I saw fit. Whenever I would go into my daydream state depending on the intensity of the day dream I would thrash my body around or I would rocking back and forth smiling lazily ( I know this because my dad walked in on me one time and told me I looked like crazy person, this embarrassed me instantly and I was very careful never to be in caught in public daydreaming)...nowadays I've foregone the characters and now I'm incorporated into my daydreams wholly. I think my submersion into my day dreams has to do with the fact I'm not where I want to be life and instead I choose to be apart of these day dreams, there I'm a hero or a villain a powerful one either way with some sort of talent and I have the love of my life and they look however I want them to look. Most of the time it's guys that i have feelings for in real life but now I'm starting to think that all those emotions come purely from my day dreams and have no basis in reality. What did anyone of y'all do to stop the daydreaming? It's recently become and hinderance and I find it difficult to focus.

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You experiences with MD are so very similar to many people on this site. I'm not sure if anyone has really found a successful strategy to stop MDDing yet. I'm sure a lot of us are trying. At the moment I'm looking more to manage it instead of aiming to get rid of it completely. (It takes baby steps)

I am trying a number of things, but the key thing I've been shifting focus on recently is the emotional triggers. I am looking for healthier ways to process the feelings/emotions I experience so I am not tempted to MDD. I think to a certain extent it has helped. I do find myself more present.

Yeah I get what you mean...today I avoided certain songs which have been emotional triggers in the past and anytime I felt myself slipping into a daydream I would push
it away (mentally) and focusing on
the present things around me


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