I thought I would share this here if anyone is struggling with the issue of feeling alone. 

Maladaptive Daydreaming Community Survey

Maladaptive daydreaming is often a private and challenging issue. Even after discovering this community one can still feel alone and unsupported. Much is still unknown about MD, but even less is known about the people who deal with it on a daily basis. In an effort to bring MD’ers together, Maladaptive Daydreaming Support has created an online survey for the MD community.

This is a survey to anonymously collect and share basic statistics about maladaptive daydreaming. The point of this survey is to find commonalities between people who suffer from maladaptive daydreaming symptoms and help us compare our similarities and differences. Previous surveys about maladaptive daydreaming have not had large sample sizes (completed responses) or have not accounted for the varying nature of maladaptive daydreaming. This will also be published for the MD community, not the psychiatric community and results will be presented in plain language (i.e. - 50% of people daydream for 1-3 hours a day). The statistics will be updated as more information is added. Volunteering to complete this survey helps everyone better understand their symptoms and experiences. You can take this survey even if you aren’t sure if you have MD.

Help us better understand ourselves and this unique experience. Please share this to help it reach someone who needs to know they’re not alone.

Thank you,


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I participated in the survey. Thanks for sharing it!

thank you for this. i submitted my responses just now :--)

I took the survey :) 

Looking forward to seeing the results!

Hey guys here's the latest update from the survey.

Maladaptive Daydreaming Support Survey Update!

A few months ago this survey was launched to help collect and compare basic statistics about maladaptive daydreaming and the people who suffer from it. The response was amazing, and with almost 500 completed answers the first report is close to being ready for analyzation. Here are some of the statistics from the first 150 answers:

The average age of survey takers was 19.5 years old. 

64.6% identify with being a cisgender female.

95.1% say media (such as books, television, movies, or video games) can trigger daydreaming.

42.8% mostly daydream 1-3 hours per day.

The average age when excessive daydreaming begins is 7 years old.

Only 3% of people want to stop their excessive daydreaming.

The first 150 answers hardly scratches the surface of the number of people who experience MD. These results (and the other dozens of statistics) will be more accurate once at least 500 completed responses are compiled. Check out the MD Worldwide Map of locations of people with MD around the world to see that this is a global issue that deserves more attention. If you haven’t yet, take the survey


Thank you! I did it.

Im shocked only 3% wanted to stop their excessive daydreaming!

Maybe it's because it's also part of what we are...

luna lancaster said:

Im shocked only 3% wanted to stop their excessive daydreaming!


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