Out of curiosity, does anyone have other compulsive behaviors when they aren't daydreaming? I know MDers pace or do other things when they are daydreaming. 

I have two laughable compulsive behaviors -- I constantly check to see if my car lights are on and constantly say sorry for no apparent reason. That last one drives people nuts. Plus I have another pretty distracting, fairly serious compulsive behavior that I've done since I can remember.

Though I don't have any obsessive thoughts that lead to my behaviors. They are just aimless, done without much thinking. When the urge hits, I find it's hard to control it.

Wondering if anyone else experiences the same thing and if it's common amongst MDers.

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I can't seem to keep still at all, even when I'm lying down. Lately I keep wiggling my nose or blinking. It sounds cute but it's really, really not.

I need to multiple-check my locks and doors and to make sure the stove is off and all candles are off. I feel really anxious if I don't do this multiple time. Back when I was the person shutting the store at work, I sometimes drove back just to make sure it was locked. So yeah, locks and everything that can be a fire hazard. I'm kind of compulsive about it.

I used to have a lot of compulsive behaviors (I'm pretty sure that I had undiagnosed OCD or anxiety during my childhood), but not really anymore.

I have actually been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. Currently it's  very well-managed, and I don't have many symptoms at the moment, but at various times I've had all sorts of compulsive symptoms.

I often touch parts of my face, but the majority of the people do it. However, for me it's a behavior that I do when I'm relatively bored, like I need to do something with my hands. 

I wiggle and bob my legs when I'm laying or sitting down.  I often put my hand near my mouth like almost covering it when I'm listening to someone talk or in lectures I don't know why.  I also twist my hair and dig my finger nails under each other when I'm nervous or thinking, but not hard just like you would if you were cleaning them.  

Oh and I am weird with factors of 5 and the number 3.  I feel like they are too perfect and makes me anxious if I set an alarm to exactly 9:30 it has to be 9:31 or 9:29 I feel like I won't wake up or something bad will happen?? 

wow I have a lot of weird nervous ticks… 

A few minor signs of it but nothing too serious, mostly to do with symmetry and numbers.

If I touch something with my left hand I have to touch it with my right hand. I then touch it a second time and balance that out with the same side I started it off with: left right right left, or right left left right.

I have to (or try to) get up or down a set of stairs in the same number of left and right steps - not starting and finishing on the same foot. 

On tiled floors I try to move in a knight's move. 

None of the above applies if there are people watching. I just leave it be. These are just 'funny things I do' which aren't a big deal to me and I don't beat myself up for doing them. 


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