I’ve got a holiday planned for the end of April and it’s a roughly 3 hour car journey to get there. Honestly I’m really really looking forward to 3 hours of uninterrupted daydreaming just being able to stare out the window and listen to my music. I find it much easier to daydream in the car with music, I’m not sure why, probably because I can’t really focus on anything outside the window for long enough to really think about it and I get lost in music pretty easily... anyone else the same?

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yeah my trucker friend
he dreams a d drives all day long every day
I can’t drive yet and I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to dd and drive at the same time lol, but it’s great just sitting in the back with no distractions!

Long car rides are definitely prime real estate for daydreaming, especially if no one else bothers you through it. I seldom have long rides (I absolutely hate them, they're sensory hell) but when I do I just turn on some music that plays to whatever daydream I want, or sometimes I just pretend I'm in a music video, either way, in care rides when you have nothing better to do daydreams run wild. Though I really don't think they're a problem unless someone is trying to talk to you or you miss your exit. 

Yes! Long car rides and music are a huge trigger for my daydreams. 

Completely relatable. I love daydreaming while travelling especially in cars. I plug in my music player and off I go...into my own world.


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