I know some -or most- of You including me , Really want to stop this D*** disorder .

I tried a lot of times and i failed just like most of the members here .

 I think we fail because each body works a lone and on his own way .

So , what about working together , suggesting Ideas and all of us work on it on the same time and report our achievements , so we Encourage ourselves to Stop MD. knowing that you are not suffering alone may help you to stand it tell we get rid of it -of course if u want- .

We can set Targets , deadlines, certain hours , writing task , creativity task , funny tasks like : MDD about telling jokes LOL !

Anybody has any suggestion ,Plz don't hesitate to add it . it's not enough to read the post and the comments , you really have to participate if u need to Stop DD

Who knows ???...We can find a Cure for this Curse ....a behavioral Cure .

So anybody wants to share me??

Let's Beat it !!!

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i want to stop daydreaming but at the same time i love daydreaming and never want to stop its like an addiction, i feel like my life would be more brighter and happier if i stopped but i just dont want to stop i love all the characters in my daydreams they are like the only people that i have and could talk to about things, they are like real people that dont exist maybe i just feel like that because im lonely in real life and dont have much friends who are really close to me and i fear that if i stopped daydreaming that i will always feel alone. 


One thing I've noticed, as I DD less I find that the tv/movies I watch a lot less enjoyable and a lot less "convincing". For the record I watch a lot of tv it sometimes correlates with my MD, source of triggers I guess.

But the less attached to DD I become, I also become more detached to escapism through TV. I start pointing out faults in the storyline, and the unrealistic consequences of the plot in my favorite tv shows.

Was just wondering how your best efforts are coming along, updates anyone? 

I haven't daydreamed at all for 3 days and I'm not dying to do it again. I'm not having the crack withdrawal symptoms as I used to. I understand where it's coming from. There are suggestions, conversations and scenes in my head, which I recently started calling it "The Inner Media". The voices are always in 2nd person. "You don't need real people" "You're better than ___will ever be" lol etc.  It's NEVER "I" or "I'm"  ***UNLESS I'm already daydreaming and the character's supposed to be me***. I sat quietly a few days ago and noticed this. Also all of my daydreams are in the perspective of a video camera, not an actual eye witness perspective. The scenes change in the way an edited movie would. The angles at which I see people are the same as the ones used on tv. I never really SEE my characters the way I would see real people. I cannot see their entire body at once. I can picture a face, then a torso, then legs and feet.  The only way to see them wholly is if I zoom out (as a camera would). However, in real life, I can see a person's whole body even if they're fairly close to me. I'm also able to see "myself" (in character form) interacting with other characters. It's an all seeing eye perspective. God-view or satellite view.lol Also my characters sometimes repeat their lines 5 to 10 times before the daydream moves on -like filming a movie. The daydreams have extreme focus points which limit the realness of things. That's how I knew it had something to do with the media kinda brainwashing me. So much to the point that I've had an inner media/world going on even when tv is off. In real life, you can't just be on the ceiling of a room looking down on people or right in their face as they're kissing without them getting creeped out.lol

Today it isn't hard for me to watch tv. I'm more critical of what I watch now like you. 3 days so far and feeling good. :)

Faye said:


One thing I've noticed, as I DD less I find that the tv/movies I watch a lot less enjoyable and a lot less "convincing". For the record I watch a lot of tv it sometimes correlates with my MD, source of triggers I guess.

But the less attached to DD I become, I also become more detached to escapism through TV. I start pointing out faults in the storyline, and the unrealistic consequences of the plot in my favorite tv shows.

Was just wondering how your best efforts are coming along, updates anyone? 

Count me in, i wanna stop this for real. keep me updated

Lauren :

I may join you when i become a professional in riding horses LOL :D .  I really wish you got hired from all of my heart . I hope you are enjoying what you are doing right now .

for me I started looking for a job too , as before i was too lazy , i suffered dizziness , nausea and depression " Side effects of DD " but now i don't feel so . i Feel excited about my life So Good Luck for both and All of us =)) .

I saw beautiful Mind Once before , it's hilarious , his wife was a perfect supporter i liked her role , I Cried When he took the nobel Price ......I even Cried more and more when the Subtitles appeared telling that it's a True story . i don't know i cried for him or over myself :( :D .


Jay :

I completely understand what you Say , but doesn't it affect your production and happiness in your life ??, we all loved DDing tell we realized that it affects our studying , creativity , productiity bla bla bla

And most importantly : the feeling we get when we DD and come back to Real Life and realize that we will never achieve what we DD about , it's really hard disappointing for me at least.

i was lonely too at one time , Recently i started to socialize more , i started with my family . i Kept telling my self that i'm lonely because of DDing and if I socialized DD will Stop .

I started too talk to everybody i meet . i joined dancing clubs and riding horses clubs . i Force my self too look in the Eyes of anybody i meet and open discussions it's really Hard but Guess what people are really nice and they talk and reply too me .

I thought that i'm boring , i have nothing to say , nobody likes me bla bla bla . but it's really diffrent that what u think.

Start to join in club , musicians , public clubs , Toastmasters ,  any place that contains a lot of people to socialize .

read our updates and share your  experience with us weather you want to stop or not :) but remember you are no more lonely :)))

Faye :

Tv was a good trigger for me , but now i use it to improve my speaking skills , that what i focus on while watching tv . when i catch myself standing to pace i turn it off and start a battle with my mind fighting it not to go through DD LOOL .

I'm going to Update right now : Keep in touch

Bonnie :

Welcome to our discussion , hope you read the posts , share your methods and experience with us . I'm pretty sure we will get over it all together :)

Update :

This Week , I went to Bollywood dancing lesson , I met new people . I started discussions with them about dancing and they were nice people and i was really able to talk with them in contrast of what i thought before that : everybody ignores me , nobody likes me , i'm boring bla bla bla...

I joined a meeting for a Political Party , i was member in but i was afraid of socializing . i used it as a kind of therapy .

before the meeting , it was hard to get up of Bed , because there were huge number of people there unlike horsing and dancing classes . i was afraid , i felt dizzy and needed to sleep and escape the meeting .

I kept telling myself I feel dizzy because of Fear ,  I feel dizzy because of DDing , I feel sleepy because of Social anxiety that DDing caused to me . 

If i get up i'll get over DDing forever , wake up to getover dding , wake up to get over dding , socialize to get over it , socialize for your life , Socialize SOcialize SOCIALIZE , SOCIALIZe ,SOCIALIZE ,SOCIALIZE SOCIALIZE SOCIAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE .

hoooop i Bounced from the bed :D . I went there , i talked with few people , i listened to the Speaker , I asked for the activities of the party and they told me that it's gonna  be announced next month by the announcing of constitution and parliament elections . There are a lot of activities to do with political parties here in Egypt as we are moving in a new phase Which actually Pleased me that i'll have more time to Socialize and meet new ppl and do a lot of work.

When i arrived to the place the dizziness  and nausea disappeared completely . So if any of you suffer the same plz tell your self that As soon you act normally everything abnormal will disappear.

Right now i'm reading a book called : The power of positive living . I liked the part of believing . Believe that you are able and CAN do something tell you do it.

it's about We cannot stop something negative unless we believe DEEP inside ourselves that we can .

Task for all of us : Believe inside yourself , your mind That you are conscious , believe that you Can beat DDing , believe that whenever you DayDream You are able to Stop it immediately and focus in something . Believe You can stop it.

it maybe a kind of behavioral Therapy or mind programming , but please do it for 3 days and share your results with me .

Looking foreword hearing from All of you >

Best regrades With Love :)))

True Hey. Believing will get us through because it will be pointless to want to beat MDD without the will to beat it and without believing you will. I want to stop so badly and I started listing the negative effects that MDD has in my life and just printed them out and will stick them in my bedroom wall so that I can see them all the time, even if my siblings can read them they would not know what it means.

My best trigger is boredom so as in today. I will do the following and I know when I am done with all this activities I will be so tired to even think about visiting that world of mine.

  1. Jogging for an hour
  2. Do all the home exercises I download months ago but never find time to try them
  3. Watch my favorite TV programme ( Watch not try and copy their outfits for my characters, lol)
  4. Instead of gazing at the wall waiting for fall asleep I will read a book until I fall asleep.

Today I caught myself daydreaming.

I got a brief paragraph about a work project, it didn't provide details- it was just an outline and after reading immediately my mind spun out of control I went into MDD and started imagining crazy big things.

Then I finally got more details about the project, and realized that my part in it was much smaller than my MDD. I feel really stupid right now, because it is in these moments when I realize how big of a gap there is between my crazy MDs and my real life. And I hate to say it but sometimes it sort of feels disappointing when you realize that your MDs don't materialize into real life. Even though your MD's are outrageous and couldn't possible be true, when you DDing they don't feel fake- at least not for me anyways and its like when I am still on that "pacing high" I'm expecting them to come true....and then I hit reality again.... 

Its really illogical and takes the term "magical thinking" to a whole new level because somewhere between DDing and "snapping back into reality"  I feel like some part of my brain expects the exact MDD scenario to come true.

Geez...I'm embarrassed, even if this embarrassment is only inside my own mind.

I saw a psychologist today. She evaluated me to see what careers I might do best in. I volunteered to do this so my potential jobs don't know anything about it.  The experience was refreshing. I told her about Maladaptive Daydreaming. She actually listened to me and said there was hope for my situation.


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