Just saying hello. I thought I was the only one who had this. Trauma left me with PTSD and I retreated into my own world. This happened at two years old. Some 50 years later all of my minds castles are still very present. A way of protection I imagine. In my mind I have my own friends and family that love me. We are close. Strangely we have rows, but we make up. We have problems but they are worked out and discussed. My daily life is exactly the opposite. It’s lonely and always has been. I felt like a stranger in this world. So many of your stories resonate with my own. I feel this place I might be able to finally discuss my experiences openly here. I am so glad you are here. Much love. 

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Hi @Kat

I'm touched by your post.

Once I read: the opposite of Love isn't Hate, but Indifference.

It's easier to fight with someone you love than with someone you don't give a damn about what they are thinking.

So, no wonder you fantasize about fights, I use to do it as well. Fights are part of relationships, it means the relationship exists. Loneliness can be so hard.

I hope you can find some comfort in this online community.


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