Man, I picked up this month's issue of Scientific American Mind* and suddenly figured out what's been going on in my brain for my whole life. I had no idea that other people did this - got lost in daydreams full of made up characters you'd rather be with than people in real life. I figured it had some negative impact on my real life, but I never wanted to ask anyone if they did it too because I thought it was so weird. There are whole worlds in my head that I could never explain to other people. It was liberating to find out there are other people out there like me. It's such a big part of my life that I still haven't fully grasped that it's actually something that other people deal with, too.


*The article in Scientific American Mind is called "Living in a Dream World." It's by Josie Glausiusz, and I'm afraid you can't access it on the website unless you have a subscription or you're in a University that has site access.

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You can also purchase the issue online for $5.99, I believe.  I'm so glad people are seeing that article.  Josie was SO SWEET, btw.  We spoke for about an hour.  She genuinely seemed to care and wanted to know everything.  


You are definitely not alone.  If you have time to read some of the posts, I think you'll feel a lot less weird.  We're addicted to our own creativity......which is initially a good thing.  If we can harness it and manage it, we can turn it into something wonderful.  


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