Is there a relation between the content of your DDs and the age you started DDing?

I once talked with one of my teachers about fantasy, who told me, people's imagination just like everything else, develops with time.

A child's story is much more like a fairy tale with dragons, heroes etc. while a grown up's is closer to reality. I read through some of your comments, blog posts, and realized, there are people among you, who daydreams about themselves as successful, ideal versions of their current selves, or there are maybe those whose daydreams aren't positive, but it's still stick to reality. (As the imaginary situation could happen in the real world, it's physically possible)

And of course there are people like me, with a complett, crazy fantasy world, full of magic and superpowers and different earths. I started daydreaming when I was very young, and my question is, do you think there's a pattern, and those who started DDing at a young age more likely have impossible daydreams, than those who started doing it later in their life? 


(My addition to the question is my own confusion, because honestly, until recently I categorized as daydreams only my complett fantasy world in a faraway land with nonexistent characters. Then I realized I do have daydreams about a different version of myself in the real world, like I imagine being born again as someone else and having a different real-life timeline. I spend a lot of time DDing that too. It's still impossible, because firstly I imagine myself as a boy, and secondly, I usually have magick, super intelligence or other abilities. But I also have thoughts about imaginary situations like: I want to be a writer (for real), and I imagine myself  having a conversation with Graham Norton, where I'm already famous. - Now, I don't think this last one is bad, I think it's the normal way of thinking, planning ahead and maybe getting a bit carried away, but sometimes normal people imagine themselves having a conversation with famous people just for fun right? It's like thinking about the future for me. What do you think, is there different levels or categories of daydreaming?) 

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Mine has changed since I've aged. I've had different worlds, characters (except for a choice few  that have stayed the same), plots and concepts. When I was a kid, it was about being a hero and doing pointless things like riding my bike with some friends. Now that I'm older, it has more adult themes....if you catch my drift. Now there is romance, heartbreak, violence, abuse, torture, escape and rescue, ect. My characters have always aged with me. When I was nine, they were 8-10, when I was 12, they were 12-16, ect. ect.

My characters also aged with me! The concept of time is a bit different in my dream world, but yeah, in apperances, they did grow older. 

When I was really little, I daydreamed about fairy tale type stuff, but when I was 9, I built a character who was an ideal version of myself and an ideal world where she was loved and supported.  I've had that same character and same world since then.  She's grown right along with me and exists in real time.  She's still close to the same people she was close to back then and has met many more wonderful people.  

As a child, my daydreams were pretty impossible, and in some ways they've become more realistic, but they used to be really um.. They were overboard violent. Yes I was a really young child then, good childhood and all so I don't know why.

But maybe the impossible stuff is more likely to stick around? Like, I had an impossible character and although she's changed over the years, she's still with me and not quiiiiite as impossible as she once was.

I started daydreaming when I was eleven, almost twelve. Now I'm fourteen, and my daydreams have definitely evolved over time. I don't remember most of my older daydreams, but the ones I do remember were...different but still very sad, as they are now. I think my older daydreams were sad in different ways though, like illness or death. Now they're sad in ways such as violence and crime and torture and being forced into things. My older daydreams also had more happiness and love than my current ones. I don't really think my characters aged, besides the me in my daydreams. The me in my daydreams has always been a few year older than the real me. When I was twelve, she was fifteen. When I was thirteen, she was sixteen. Now, I think she's around eighteen, nineteen, or twenty (skipped a few years, haha).

mine were happy. I was pretty depressed and bored and I think thats what set me off.  I made an idealized version of myself and lived life from her shoes. When I was yound I'd daydream about being this super strong girl with lots a friends. i thik it was because I've always felt unable to do stuff and I had barely any friends.

Well, I have always daydreamed heavily and it of course started when I was a young child, but they have always been very realistic. Even as a child, I never really dreamed of being in a different world or having powers or anything like. Well, maybe a few times but the dreams are very rare and short lived. Most of mind are, like I said, realistic where I visualize my ideal self with my ideal friends living my ideal life and that's how they've always been for as far back as I can remember. Yeah, it is fun to have dreams about completely different fantasy worlds but because I know they're unrealistic they are easier for me to let go of.

You know, my day dreams have pretty much stayed the same.  I still day dream about the same things I did as a child.

I think most of us started DD'ing as a child.  I think the research confirms this?  There are some wonderful links that discuss this.  But it is an interesting question.

My character aged with me.

And I would DD about time travel and heroes and superpowers....Alternate dimensions and travel to other planets.

I would DD plots and schemes and adventures that made no sense in the real world...and thats what kept me hooked.

I was not the type to DD myself into an intense romantic relationship. There were relationships along the way, but they were not the main focus.

I think the 'real life' daydreams may be something which everyone (i.e. both MDers and 'normal' people) do, although MDers might do it more often and in a more grandiose way than average.

I think the fantastical stuff more depends on the MDers needs than their age (based purely on the fact that people who started at the same age often MD about completely different things now), and of course if you 'need' to start MDing at a certain age there are certain things you're more likely to need it for. If you still MD about the fantastical stuff you did when you were young, then maybe at least part of the reason you began to do it remains, while people whose daydreams have changed now have different needs

Interesting topic! My daydreams have certainly changed a lot since I was younger. When I was a kid, I daydreamed about Disney characters with  no plot. When I hit middle school, I daydreamed about anime characters in their crazy soap opera world with a little more plot. Now my daydreams are about real-looking people, though the soap opera element is still there---the romance is stronger and the issues are more mature.


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