I have seen several people mention anxiety, depression, etc. I have social phobia and my therapist thinks I should be evaluated for OCD and/or an Autism Spectrum. So, I was wondering if it is common for Mders to have other difficulties other than MD?

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I'm sure it is common.  I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, OCD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly known as Asperger's) as well.  

I'm not sure how common it is... but I for one feel a certain level of social anxiety/awkwardness. According to Cynthia's study, 24% of the participants fell into that category. I've never had a therapist before, but I wonder what they would say about my extreme shyness. Somehow, I managed to survive in a public speaking class, but my fear of general human interaction (making phone calls, asking people for help, speaking up in class, giving a package to someone in a store) has greatly held me back in life. It took me a while to be able to order my own food from a restaurant, but even still, I put up my guard and rehearse my lines. Still struggling to get a job because I'd have to talk to people. Why in the world did I get a degree in a social science, lol... I hope it's one of those things I'll be able to overcome with more experience and that it's not a disorder for me.

I don't know anyone on here who's said they have ADD inattentive, and you're the only one who's said they have BPD.  I think it's too early to assume this is a commonality.  

This person's just asking about it.  Lots of people read about that and assume they have it, but there are lots of conditions that have similar symptoms to MD.  We don't have them all.  This is different.  

Well its been two years since I self diagnosed myself with MD. I was sure that I have got depression too. But I was professionally diagnosed with depression a few months ago, when I was suicidal, I am still. And now my psychiatrist has diagnosed me with BPD, I am on medication and therapy now. I have lost all hope. Lets see how this goes.

i have social anxiety and depression.

I'm autistic and I have a severe attachment disorder. I've suffered trauma, including severe neglect and various forms of physical and emotional abuse all of my childhood. I've been using MD daydreaming as a way to cope since I was a teen. Several times a day and every single night do I still MD daydream. I can't think of another or better way to cope.

I've been working for a while now on a screenplay for a cinematic RPG (also a novel) that is a combination of an autobiography and a story within a fictional MD dream, but I only yesterday discovered that MD existed. My screenplay/work is called "The Solemn Dream" and focuses on the nature of dreams, as well as other themes.

I feel like discovering that MD dreaming is a documented phenomenon that others have may be one of the greatest discoveries in my life. I feel like a lightning rod for misfortune and shame, and that I didn't deserve to know MD daydreaming existed-- that I didn't deserve to make this much progress. I could cry, and I wish I would-- it would make me feel better, but I don't cry easily.

I know that I have combined ADHD and MD.

I've been wondering about this, too. I'm pretty sure I don't have any other issues. I think it's because I developed MD as the result of simply being unhappy, and not from actual trauma or anything.

I've been wondering about this possibility for a long time. I pretty sure i suffer from depression and anxiety. I've noticed some sympotoms. But im not seeing any therapist because my parents don't know about my MD,so im  just coping with it as much as i can. 

Bipolar II seasonal pattern, social anxiety disorder, and I am suspecting inattentive ADD but I'm between psychiatrists right now so we won't know for a bit. 

"Maladaptive" pretty much means "emotional development issues". That's why it's called "Maladaptive Daydreaming". Sadly, everyone with any influence here is so poorly educated in it and/or so bad at personal insight that this question is continued to be brought up. The answer is simply:

EVERYONE with Maladaptive Daydreaming has emotional problems. That's why it's called "maladaptive". If you daydream excessively and it's not due to emotional issues, then go look for some other condition to categorize yourself under, as you don't exactly share the same daydreaming symptoms with MDDers. Basic logic.

You know, Cordellia doesn't seem to believe or understand any of this. All the documentation and all the human examples I know about or with MDD are concerning prior emotional problems. Cordellia is an example too. However, Cordellia is under some weird impression that MDD is not related to psychological problems of other kinds, even though pretty much all evidence points to the contrary...


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