Is anyone else obsessed with their reflection and photographs?

I spend the majority of my time alone staring at my reflection in different mirrors, I feel i kind of dont recognise myself, i dont look as i expect myself to look. I also spend a lot of time daydreaming looking at photos of myself and imagining i am other people looking at the photos and thinking i am perfect and cool,  eventhough in reality i do not think of myself in that way at all. I obsessively stare at my own facebook profile imagining how other people see me, other people liking me. I think this is quite unusual behaviour and im really embarassed about it, i was wondering if anyone else does anything similar?

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I tend to look at myself in the mirror quite often, but my experiences are not so much focused on 'me' as I go about escaping from my own self and retreating into the imaginary world where I may not even exist.

Perhaps it is to do with how one perceives oneself that compels you to do just that, and in my case it's a perception of self-deprecation. Do you feel you are lacking these qualities in real life, which may be why you see the better 'you' in the mirrors?

you're not alone! I do the exact same thing. its kind of obsessive and strange but i dont really know how to control it. When I look at my profile on facebook ( i even do it on here) I imagine how many people are looking at it and what they are thinking when they see my pictures. I re-read all the comments at least once or twice a week. Its like I don't believe thats how people really view me. 

I am so glad i'm not alone in doing this, it's sad that we have to figure out our disorder for ourselves. I was wondering if maybe we do this because we are all confused about our identities in reality, i spent my whole life focusing on my md world, being this perfect version of myself, i often forget that isnt who i am, when i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror i am brought back to reality, i see who i really am. The less i daydream the less i stare in the mirror, i suppose that must be because when i spend more time in reality and less in my md world i become more aware of who i really am. 


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