If you DD about real people, if you could see your characters, would that make you stop DD about them?

I DD about real people. Sometimes they are made up people, but some are actual people, and the people that I DD about, I no longer see ( I live hundreds of miles away). I was wondering if I was to make a trip to "see"these people (not interact with them) if I would stop DD about them. When I lived in the same town as they do, I didn't have much interaction with them then, and I have no idea why they have invaded my thoughts as much as they do, but even though I like my storyline, sometimes it really bothers me that I DD about these people.....it's CRAZY. I have thought about making a trip just to look at them so I might stop DD about them.

I am married and my husband does not know about my MDD, but I do know of a way I can make myself be in this town without him suspecting why I would be there. I do travel and do concerts, so I could book one where I'm pretty sure at least one of the people would be.

Just wondering if this would help me stop.....any thoughts ????

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I do this sometimes. When I was young I hardly interacted at all because of my excessive daydreaming and so never created a proper close bond between people at school. Although I don't have any intention of seeing them again I sometimes dream about showing them a more empowering figure with a higher status since at the time they saw me as quiet, shy and anti-social. I don't dream of interacting with them but rather showing them a better figure of myself from a distance if you get me. 

I personally wouldn't show myself off to them in reality as I aim to leave my past behind me and get busy moving on and meeting new people

So you want to get disillusioned by these people? If you really get the chance to meet them, I think it is possible - the real world is never as good as the daydreams. But I don't think it will help you to stop your daydreaming for good. Your mind will find other people to daydream about. This is how I daydream - if one daydream is too boring, I go to another one. It would be nice, if you tell us, whether you succeeded.


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