The trick is to find something you really like very much. Which engages your mind to that thing automatically. You can not think anything else except that thing. The thing which "EXCITES" you very much. Your favourite hobby or anything you wanna achieve in your life which has excellent results with great changes in your life which makes your life enjoyable. Ex: Singing for singers or hacking for hackers. My point is they don't engage them self in that thing forcefully. It should just occurs naturally whenever you are doing that thing. 

Im day dreaming from at the age of 10 or 11 something. Im 26 now. And my passion is computer programming. i cant focus while im studying. But whenever i study about programming i couldnt think of anything else i.e. No Day dreaming same used go whenever i was programning. 

But thats not happening any more now im having day dreams every time even when im programming i cant focus while im programming. 

I think that i should change my passion. A man can have many passions. i can choose one of them. But i couldnt focus on anything for now. AND BIG BIG SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH. 

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I hear you and I felt like that for a very long time! And the longer I kept daydreaming the more intense it got and the less I was able to imagine even a single day without daydreaming.

Keep looking and maybe keep trying with programming. It does take some time for your mind to get used to change. It took me like three months or so.

If it helps you in any way, this is what helped me:

I bought a journal and signed up for an online summit with one dayily lectures for seven days. For me it was a fitness and health summit. I was never really into either one but I knew that I have to change something in my life and I might aswell start with my diet. I ate very poorly before! I wouldn’t  listen to one lecture in one sitting. I would pause every so often and write down what people where saying. I wrote down references they made or books they advised etc. That way I was able to stay focused for a while. It’s six months now since than. I stopped daydreaming completely and I adopted a better diet where I cook more delicious food which again helps me to stay focused. My life isn’t perfect now and it’s (unfortunately) not like I woke up the next day with uncountable friends and a new career etc. but it gets better over time. You just have to keep trying

I hope you get there eventually. Wishing you the best!

 Ironically you were probably getting much better at programming, so it doesn’t require as much of your attention. Not that you don’t like it but you are now good enough at it that you don’t need to focus so hard. And so the daydreams come back. 

 Well I agree with you in very large part, it’s impossible to maintain that level of excitement for anything over time, somehow you have to get fully attached to real life. I do my best, but the daydreams are always looking to come back because it is inevitable that in life there will be boring periods,  or you will get so good at something that you don’t need to give it your full focus. Honestly I don’t know what the answer is, right now is just giving me a headache. When I don’t want to be here I want to be there, and right now I don’t want to be here by which I mean in my life. 

 But you were correct enthusiasm for something does seem to be the antidote to daydreaming.

I think the main issue to address is, this is an illness. Know you may say, ‘duh, I know that, that’s why I’m here’ but listen closely. Have you ever heard of a disease that works in your favor? No. Because they don’t exist. That’s not how illness works. The main point of a disease is to serve it’s own purposes, not yours. You may have found something works for now, but this may not be the case forever: the more thought required for something, the more perfect an opportunity to take you away from that. To use sleep paralysis as an example, there is also no way to find out just what it’s nature is and how to stop it or preventing it from occurring. As it turns out, it can be very smart. One man experiencing this phenomenon discovered if he left his TV on all night, the symptoms would disappear. So he continued this until suddenly they returned. So he uses more TVs and monitors, and it stops again. But alas to no avail when once more he was plagued by the illness. He tries more and more, running in circles of trying to treat it, then it coming back in full force, each time becoming worse. The sad fact is, mental illness can adapt to your surroundings. It can become smarter, if you will. It just wants to win. The fact that it may seem under control may just because you may be dealing into it’s own hands. I think that when actions become more instinctual, it can either get better, when your mind is free to relax and enjoy the moment, or the mind becomes so free of thought, that the disease finds the gap and squeezes in to fill it. Each person is their own case and unfortunately, there may not be any way to find out what works and what doesn’t on a measurable and massively applicable basis for MD sufferers, just like sleep paralysis. At least, not now, when there already so little known about it.


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