I pace w/ music, and I'm going to go off to college soon. How could I do it with a roommate?

I don't think anything is stressing me out more about college than this. How do you guys pace with a roommate? I definitely will be cutting down on it but I need to still do it sometimes. I don't want to get caught and I don't want to tell anyone. Also this is my first post here so sorry if I'm doing something wrong lol. 

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You're not doing anything wrong :-)

We're here just to talk.

It's a weird question. Personally, had I the perfect solution (which I haven't) to solve the roommate problem, I'm not sure I would be willing to say it. I mean, maladaptive daydreaming takes you away from your life.

It's good that you are cutting down, it's normal that you still need it sometimes, but I'm asking myself... is it ethical to give away advice about how to hide MD?

On the other side, I am myself fond of solitude, and I did look for solitude to daydream better. Now I just find stressing staying with others for too long and sharing my living environment.

So, I understand very well your need, your feelings.

Very much listen to Valeria!!

Alternate your MD with awareness meditation, or social gatherings, sports or yoga, or therapy. Listen and read to Eretaia's posts, try to find out what drives your MD, and change the causes with time. What you can do is start jogging or doing circle training in a fitness studio (repetitive training, for a specified time). When you do it regularly, it's a no-brainer, very good excuse and you get fit.

You need to get over your shamefulness about MD, or get over MD. In your heart, be proud of yourself and what you're doing.

I recently went from living alone to living with a housemate. We share a two-bedroom apartment so it's much less intense than a roommate situation, but I was concerned about this too. I used to pace around the house but now I go for walks around the neighborhood at least once a day. I think it can be nice to have a regular, daily designated fantasy time. A daily commute is also great for DDing. Maybe you have good weather where you live so you can go for walks, or there are places on campus where you can be alone.

That being said, I've also told my housemate that I talk to myself, and she was like

"oh I do that too, it's fine."

And I was like, "No, like I reeeeally talk to myself. Like acting out conversations between imaginary friends."

And she was like, "Well as long as your friends aren't too disruptive I think it'll be fine." :)


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