Hi, I'm Adam and just joined this site
I always thought I was really weird as a child as all I would do was run around the living room while daydreaming about anything usually about me performing some great deed and recieving great recongition, I never grew out of this except now instead of running around jumping on sofas I pace instead (usually very fast)
I have no control over it when alone it normally happens when walking but mostly while indoors as I always had difficultly telling people as I thought it would seem "weird" I honestly had no idea that anyone else did this but I thought I had to see if there was anything to it so I googled it which lead me here.
I don't know much about it so any enlightenment from you guys would be much appreciated.
I find myself maladaptive daydreaming all the time, I regularly set out to do it as I find it very enjoyable.
I can completely submerge myself in a fantasy and be pacing the same place for hours on hours, and it will feel like minutes.
Everyone always said I take suspiciously long shower and they think it's for a different reason but I'm actually maladaptive daydreaming, I also do it a lot when smoking a ciggerette, laying in bed or driving.
Any of your insight will be much appreciated.

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Hi Adam and welcome to Wild Minds! What you described sounds like MD. MD can occur anywhere anytime out of the blue, such as when doing activities like pacing, driving, showering, etc.

Thanks go your response, I'm going to learn abit more about before it is 100% but it is looking likely

Hi, Adam! I am new here too! Well, I joined a couple years ago, and then didn't come again until now, since I spent all time DD (or as I call them "my stories").  LOL about the showers! I am not a pacer, I lie in bed when I DD, so I lay down a lot! But smoking cigarettes seems to aid concentration and helps keep me focused on stories, wonder if that happens with you too.  Anyway, I identifies with most of your post and look forward to seeing more of them! :)

Thank you Diane yes ciggerettes do help me concentrate with dd's and I also look forward to seeing what you have to say in future :-)
Hi Adam!
I myself have become a bit agoraphobic towards showers about few weeks ago, but not anymore, because it triggers a daydream to me, I try to focus on the little thing in the bathroom but it's not very effective. I just accepted that it's really difficult not DDing everyday because we're maladaptive daydreamers. ..

Hey Adam,

Thanks for posting, I'm glad you found us : )

I have the same story, pacing (I twirl a straw also), and even taking long showers. I pretty much sit down in the shower, curl up, and DD until I use up all of the hot water.

I also smoke cigarettes and always chain-smoke when DD'ing. It feels like when I light up a cigarette, its the green light to not hold back at all and DD intensely.

What are some of your current plots? Self-idealization, pure fantasy, both?

Hi I share the same patterns, I usually pace a lot but interestingly when I am in the shower (and there is no space to move around) I find that my arm movements are more active than usual and occasionally I find myself spinning around on the same spot. (ok that now officially makes me side like a nutter who belongs in a mental asylum). ..

Hi *waves* Pleased to meet you. 

This sounds like MD. 


Smoking never ever triggered off my daydreaming but I found that I will pace when I am having an intense day deam, or I will just spent hours in bed acting out my day dreams. Each time hours would have gone by but to me it feels like only a few seconds have been wasted.




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