Hi. I have autism and stuff and I think I have MD if it's real. I fantasize all the time for hours about meeting celebrities or friends/family and talking to them, making up conversations, and stories about imaginary people. I do lay in bed for a long time, sometimes 14 hours a day and I watch a lot of TV and movies and stuff so yeah. I'm also super obsessed with wanting to be a celebrity and I drive myself nuts and flip out over it and go to therapy.

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Ye there is something very attractive about celebrity life. But I think you should try doing at least one activity you enjoy outside of the celeb thing. Drama or music?


MD is definitely real.  Celebrities can be very alluring, but I agree with Amanda that you should find things to do in the outside world that you enjoy.  Drama is a very good idea.  It can help with many things.  If this interests you, then you should go for it.  We're here to support you.  

I sometimes see my characters in my head and I can't seem to control their actions when I write stories as well, sometimes I just can't stop daydreaming... I love interactive fiction and reading personalized novels.

thanks for the support guys. I haven't logged in here in awhile and I haven't done much yet but I'm probably going to take some classes after the holidays and I've been job searching.  :)

Of course MD is real. 

I mean, just look at how many of us there are.


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