I have always felt like I don't belong in this world. The only time I feel like I belong is in my daydreams. I have AVPD and really bad anxiety. I have absolutely no friends and I feel like I have no connection to the outside world, I even work from home (while yes I do have contact with people for work, it doesn't feel real).

Even when I am in social situations (rarely) or go somewhere I don't feel connected to others and the only thing I think about is getting back home, I never really enjoy myself outside of my daydreams.

The only thing in my life that gives me enjoyment are my daydreams, everything else seems pointless. I have tried to make my life better, try new things, I even tried to make some friends but it never worked out and nothing came close to how my daydreams feel.

I feel like I am sort of losing it a little.

Does anyone else feel like they do not belong in this world?

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I feel like that all the time ;)
I feel like I was made to create worlds, not to be forced to live in one. I know how it feels to have no friends and to be disconnected from reality. I got out of it, but only because some people randomly decided to start talking to me (which I hated at first) and then I became friends with them. Now I have friens, but even now I still feel alone now or then :/ I'm not of much help, but I just want you to know that I understand this completely ;)

you have to keep trying to interact with the world more and eliminate any negative beliefs you have and replace them with positive ones, this added with exposure i.e socializing with peers, being productive etc will make you more grounded in reality. 

Ye I have this problem as well. I think Kade's tips are good. I'm taking small steps to enter into the world. 

I also experience many of the same feelings you do. For me, I believe that I don't belong, and then I act like I don't- I stay reserved, hold back, I'm too quiet, and then people react to my behavior by holding back. Which of course, reinforces my idea that there's something wrong with me.  I've been working with a lot of affirmations about self worth and belonging, because I think it would be hard to change this problem unless I change my beliefs. 

I struggle a lot with disappointment about people. Why can't people in real life be as cool as they are in books and movies? LOL!


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