I could make a good actor with the amount of pretending I do.

It feels SO good to know I'm not crazy! Anyway, my daydreaming has occurred for me since I was little. 

I find movies/tv shows/books are my triggers.

When I was really small (like 6-7), my dad and I would watch James Bond movies. That's my earliest memory on MD. I place myself into a storyline (in this case James' sidekick), and act out scenes that are either in the movie or created by me. More often then not they are action-y or emotional scenes. On occasion I am myself with people I really know. I sometimes even dress up to "feel" the part. (That's so embarrassing, oh gosh).

Go forward 3 years and I'm pretending I'm in Harry Potter.

Now, 14 years later and I still have the same issue. If I see something that cultivates me, I will be in my room from 15 minutes to HOURS pretending I am in a different world. The only thing that brings me back to reality is A. Realizing I'm pacing up and down my room and none of it is really happening, or B. I get bored. They ALWAYS involve me getting romantic with one of the characters too, hmmmmm. 

My "fantasy life" even follows me into my actual dreams on occasion. 

And it isn't continuous either. I can go months on end without daydreaming, then I'll be triggered and be in my room until the obsession dies down. OR, in times when I'm stressed. When I was getting ready to move out on my own I found the daydreams got REALLY bad.

Right now I'm in the cycle where the daydreaming is dying down, and I'm returning to normal. Anyone have similar experiences?

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Anette Lesley said:

I can also go without daydreaming for some periods of time, like now for example, nothing for a month. Moments like this give me insight on how crappy my real life really is lol If I wasn't so much busy with studying, I'd trigger it on purpose with books or music :/

I wish i was capable of that ! Studying seems  a trigger within itself for me:(

i tried to do acting but i found out i can do it in front of nice people but nasty people i couldnt do acting in front of i dont know why  like when i went to an audition for people who were professional it was ok cos they were nice but then i went for audition for these university students and it was horrible they didnt act professional at all and laughed the whole way through i have no idea why and it put me off so im not working now because of it and im just day dreaming my life away now :(  how do you get your daydreaming to dye down

I thought taking acting classes will give me a confidence boost and help me navigate through social situations, but I'm too shy for this.

tarso said:

I thought taking acting classes will give me a confidence boost and help me navigate through social situations, but I'm too shy for this.

IKR?! Imagine doing something embarrassing in front of everyone.

Yes, I've always done this since I was a young teenager. I've also thought I could be an actor, but I always want to be a character that's impossible for me to actually play in real life : ( Still, it's not stopped me from taking an acting class and auditioning. I have a history in theater...but mostly as someone behind the scenes. When I've been onstage, it's always been part of a chorus or group. 

I was JUST thinking of how to make my DD's my reality. I woder if it is something 'meant' for us. Maybe writing, acting, or producing.. I don't know. I go throigh cycles when I am stressed also. The dreams either pose a solution or parallel life where said stress is not happening or I fantasize about things that would be so drastic that whatever is stressing me would go away.


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