I know on the inside we’re constantly daydreaming, but what else describes you all? I would say I have a quick sense of humor, yet have also been diagnosed with mild depression. I am very good at creative writing but not at paperwork, and I can rarely get past the first few pages of a book before my concentration looses the battle against my imagination. I have fantastic inventions inside my head but score very low on ‘Executive Function’, so I don’t know how to proceed with my ideas. I’m probably also a bit OCD and love creating spreadsheets (part of my job) complete with color-coordination and specific fonts. I’m left-handed for writing, eating, and playing the drums, and right-handed for throwing a ball or playing guitar. Also I was very good at competitive swimming -maybe because going back and forth in a swimming pool was a good zone to channel my thoughts.

What similarities/differences to you see for yourself?

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Also, I usually have a chorus or section of a song constantly replaying over and over in my head. Usually a song I've heard somewhat recently. Today it's Genesis "Ripples" from their mid-70s album Trick of the Tail. Ahhhhhh!

I'm creative, good at drawing but bad at painting and other kinds of art, good at writing, bad at sports (I have ligament problems so I'm usually injured anyways), sort of funny, and shy when I'm in a new place but very outgoing when I'm somewhere I feel comfortable. I always start projects but rarely finish them. I'm currently writing 2 novels. One of them is based on my daydream storyline. The other one was inspired by a writing exercise in a book (it was only supposed to be one page, but as usual my imagination made me get a bit carried away).

Well, for starters, I am always watching people. Haha yeah that sounds stalkerish I know, but I just like to observe people, see the way they interact with each other, listen to the things they talk about. I never really fit in so it's just what I did. What I do, I mean. I love creative writing too and have several novel ideas, a few of which are well-developed but I can never get past the first few pages, like you said. I have a form of social anxiety and depression. The redundant daily routine of life is killing me (especially school). I want more than anything to travel the world, to go on an adventure, but I can't. I love the night sky, forests, fireflies, music, and tigers...And I'm right-handed, except when shooting a bow. I also have a song playing in my head, and more often that not it's "Round and Round" by Imagine Dragons or "Send Me On My Way" by Rusted Root. And there it is...

I have a quick sense of humor too , I think 'I’m more anxiety type than depressive, I realized I tend to daydream when I feel alone or when I have nothing to do so I get extremely bored and yeah ,traveling  to my strange happy idealized world is the solution. One of the things I enjoy the most is sharing a good time with my friends; unfortunately they are working a lot, the same as me. I always daydream about being the top player of some sport or some kind of super generous and admirable millionaire guy I guess the world needs more of these people, I like to read a lot and sometimes try to write something but I never finish my writings .I'm terrible writing anyway .I don't know why, but I can control my daydreaming almost completely when I work out or go out swimming .I like water ,actually I think I wouldn't say no to any water sport .Thank god I’m a boarding agent so I spend most of the time working near to a vessel or walking around the docks , besides I live in an all-time sunny city with wonderful beaches (Arica Chile) ,and just a few blocks of it! Same as you I was very good at competitive swimming too, I agree with you about channeling thoughts better when I’m swimming on a pool or at the sea Who knows why , maybe there is some kind of in water better thinker or something. 


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