I have noticed that many of the post mention being an artist or a creative writer. Just wondering if it may have something to do with the right brain. I am a visual artist, pastel painter.

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I'm still a student, but I consider myself an artist. I paint, draw, make toys and jewelry, and occasionally write. Those are just a few, I try a lot of different things.

However, I often put off working on my projects to daydream. 

I write, and right now making a project about sound poetry, experimental poetry and my favorite art is photography which i would love to be my proffesion. 

I'm a an artist, I love to draw and paint but my main passion is digital art. I am a Graphic Design student going on my third year. I also love the write but mostly non fiction. 

I like a bit of art, and did really well in art last year, but we did lots of collage-type things that we painted, and had pictures to copy from and stuff. Since then I've noticed I never know what to draw, so I think in a few days I want to start doing a collage and then buy canvas and paint it. It'll give me something to finally paint, too.

Before I realized this, though, I just thought my daydreams were completely unproductive. But I don't daydream too much while painting 'cause I don't want to screw it up so maybe painting could lessen my DD? 

I am a chemist by training, I think being able to visualize things well in 3D is a great skill that is useful in science. But these days I work as a photographer. As a child/teenager I used to love drawing and I hope one day I´ll have the time to learn it properly and maybe blend it with my photo art.

I always enjoyed writing essays, but never really tried to write stories. I have never tried to write down my dreams. 

i have always loved to draw and started writing when i wanted to try doing that instead of dd. i still daydream but now I write as well. i always get the top english mark and people always go on about my drawing talent. I'm only 14 though, so its not a job (yet).

theater artist ^^. does that count?

I'm a graphic designer and pro photographer. I use my DD's in my work. I think it really sets me apart from the others. Embrace it!!!

I'm an artist! I love drawing, painting, and digital art. As a matter of fact, I am pursuing a degree in graphic design. Art is one of the few things that helps to minimize my daydreaming. I used to do quite a bit of creative writing, but I got board of every project I worked on before I finished it.  


Haha, I'm only kidding. But yes, I did visual art all my life (painting, drawing mostly) and was pretty serious about it. I now make music, and now am dead serious about becoming well-known doing it. Music is my heart's way of telling me that I need to give up daydreaming. 

I love design(fashion mostly). And I love writing screen plays and poems.  I hope one day i can becme a screenwriter:)

I am not a professional writer, but I write fiction as a hobby.


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