How do you pull yourself out of a depressive state?


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I'd like to know too.

A trip to the shrink and an adjustment of meds 0_o. 

I found God. And got involved at my church. Now I'm surrounded by people who love me and care about me.

And if religion isn't your thing, you should try to hang out with supportive people. A person or a group of people who won't judge you and will care about you and take an interest in your life. A person who you can go out and hit the town with and forget all the bad things in life. Or some one who will help you through the tough times no matter what. 

These people are few and hard to find, but I'm about 93.5% sure that half the people on this website are going through or have gone through similar issues and will offer a listening ear to you. And with that, I will offer you mine.  =]

First of all, you've come far when you can recognize your own depression. I feel it helps me to find a group where I get recognized and appreciated for whichever reason. Sports, poetry, literature, a choir, a band. Don't think too big and sleep when you can. When you feel up for it, call someone or just go visit someone you feel comfortable around. Depression works differntly for different people, but when your thoughts are grim it's a comfort knowing they will pass.   


I suggest that you get a doctor appointment and discuss your feelings with him/her. If you have any specific troubling thoughts it is possible to discuss them with someone on here in confidentiality.


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