How come I somehow never feel like I've wasted any time after daydreaming for hours?

I know everyone else here says that after they come out of a daydream they feel like they've just wasted a bunch of time. I probably should feel like that --I've gone on almost-all-day marathons of daydreaming before. But yet somehow I don't. Time passes differently in my daydreams because I tend to think quickly (for example, today I daydreamed 3 weeks of story in 2 hours)--maybe it's because more time has passed in my imagination? What do you think?

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I don't feel like I have wasted my time after daydreaming, in fact it makes me feel happy, so I feel more relaxed.

Sometimes my daydreams make me angry/ depressed, but usually they make me feel happy. I'm fortunately not at the "feeling trapped" stage yet.


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