Has anyone managed to master any hobbies? 

I have tried to master the guitar but I really don’t practise enough. Of course it’s fun to pretend you are performing in a band but it’s quite another thing to actually practice. I have passed the beginner threshold (open chords) and am now focusing on lead techniques plus barre chords. Anyway, I don’t practice consistently which is why I don’t progress properly. I will give it another shot. Say, a minimum of 20 minutes a day (hopefully more, but if I aim for 20 I won’t feel lazy to do it.)

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I haven't mastered it, but I joined the SCA( think Medieval Times, but less accurate and dangerous). I figured I should know how to fight with swords and what not, so at least when I have the Epic saga daydreams, I know what to visualize. Plus, having gone through High school without starting a fight, I should probably increase my tolerance for pain just for the sake of prosperity. I'm not going up against someone else for a few more months because I just started, mind. It also helps that most of the nice/tolerable people in my school go there too. And last but not least its competitive but accepting of mistakes and the focus is on the team as a whole; everyone helps everyone else. I couldn't be luckier to find this club!

I'm a pretty good artist I guess. I can sketch pretty well and want to go to animation school after high school. It has helped reduce my MD A LOT. I still do it every day but drawing keeps from getting the urge to daydream. I watch a lot of anime so most of my technique and influence is from that. Hobbies to keep me from daydreaming and it's a great creative release just like your guitar.

@Ethan Hey, that's really awesome. And the fact that it's a social sport is great. Right now what I do is solo, but hopefully I can find some people at the same level to jam with!

@K.M.R. I think you're really lucky that your career will be something you love and are already doing. Yep, keep working on it . Then as they say, you will never have to work a day in your life!


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