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Has one of your fantasy characters ever died?

Hi Guys!  As you may know, my fantasy characters are based on real life people...(don't know them...just "use" them) and one of them, the one that I'd based my main character on, died in real life.  Needless to say, I am not handling it well....Now I'm stuck in this weird fantasy life limbo....Has anyone else experienced anything like this and how did you manage?  Thanks!


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One of my characters is based on a celebrity and I can't imagine what it would be like if they died in real life. I've never thought about it before but it would be really bizarre. I think I would maybe incorporate the death into my fantasy world but I feel like I would continue to use that character. Your post has really got me thinking! Sorry I don't have better advice but thanks for posting!
Oh..hum. Died for real? No.
I suppose that would be pretty distressing. I know it would be for me.
See, I always would use people I personally knew or knew OF....so, yeah. That would be pretty upsetting.
Well I tend to form odd obsessions over people who I have never met ( sometimes never even seen in person ). They are not bad, I just find that person to be very interesting and beautiful. Anyways, one of these people was on another mental health forum. I found her rather perculier and sort of followed her posts. At some point I realized she had commited suicide several years earlier. I was quite upset, but it actually inspired me to base a character off of her. She is not a main character ( only a character from another's past ) but she has quite a sad story and plays an important role in the end.
I seem to have little control over the DDs and they all have the same romantic lead so I decided to try to take over by replacing him with one of my own creation. Well the old guy found a way to kill the new guy off. Creeped me out. I kept replaying it to stop it from happening but it just tired me out so I gave up.

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