I was wondering does anyone know where Hank is. I knew that he was going to delete his account but I didn't think he would delete it without telling me anything. Me and him were really close so I don't expect him to just leave without saying good bye. If anyone talked to him recently and if you could tell me what's going on, that would be helpful.

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Emilia, I never got any reports of him being racist, but if he was, then that's another good reason to kick him off.  I was told of a private conversation where he said some pretty horrible and offensive things.  It was the kind of thing I think he should be in jail for and nowhere near my site.  I want people on my site to feel safe, and at least one member didn't because of him.  FYI, if anyone does or says anything that you think is inappropriate, please don't hesitate to tell me.  I'll look into it for sure, and they might get kicked off.  


Thanks for the replies you guys.

i would like to say thanks to cordellia.as a newcomer to the site it is very important to feel safe.im sorry about hank as i had been talking to him.im sorry that he did something to get kicked off.thanks for keeping us safe and being able to make decisions some of us may find difficult.best wishes 

Thank you.

Banning someone is often the hardest part of being an admin/moderator.  But if you don't, a chat/forum can go bad in a hurry. 

Everyone thank you for replying. Cordiella, I gotta thank you for being such a good moderator as well. You do a good job at what you do and continue maintaining this website as well as you do. I know it was a big step and it also took a lot of courage to ban people so Thank you.

Thanks for all the positive responses, everyone.  I was concerned people would be mad because he was a popular member.  Thank you for trusting me and the person who came forward to report him.  


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