I think the biggest reason that this site is so small is because compulsive fantasy to this extent is relatively rare, but I love the idea that we're not on here because we're too busy daydreaming.

I don't mean to be flippant about that, because I know not everybody is happy about it. And I don't want to make a bajillion posts when I just joined, but I have so much I want to ask and tell!

Especially when I read about someone's experience that I relate to! It's just like "...wait a second that sparked something in me, I gotta brb" is that not a little funny?

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This website has a long story, and maybe MD is not that rare in the end, it's just so many people still don't know it!

This was the first community created for maladaptive daydreaming, at that time social media were not as strong as today.

Now people are more comfortable with Facebook and Reddit, while this is an "old fashion" forum. Yet, I believe its story is something amazing, we have more than a decade of stories. And sometimes it is good not being bound by social media algorythms.

I like the idea we can be inspired by something written years ago. 

And, I must tell something personal...this website is the first place where I found out what MD was... I spent the night reading posts. It changed my life.

Indeed, I concur with Valeria. It's so lovely she keeps this website floating.

Have a look at Eretaia's posts, for example - age-old, with dozens of discussions and comments attached.

Also, I like this format much more than social media, which can suck you in sometimes just as much as MD does.


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