What if we are messengers? Shamans traditionally could communicate with ET's.  Has anyone had direct contact with God or aliens?

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oooh, there's an idea. I can't say i've ever had such an experience. But there are people on this site who lucid dream and encounter archetypal figures that might be described as divine experiences. Also, an old friend of mine is a voice hearer, and he discussed the idea in relation to shamanism. It's a really fascinating concept.

In the modern world seeing such things are seen as being a delusion but in some traditions like Wicca, it is regarded as acceptable. I am a Wiccan and I think that my belief system has helped me with the encounters I have had. Otherwise I really would think I was schizophrenic.

I also have dreams which come true and see things in waking life before they happen. 

I heard that there are some countries where people considered mentally unstable or strange, are trained to be Shamans as they are regarded as being able to pass through two worlds. 

Interesting idea. I have also wondered about military mind control programs. I have read allot about shamans and their communication with the other side. But they seem to be able to control it, they have to go into a trace or take a special brew etc to travel. It seems with us something is visiting us, not the other way around. Controlling or seeding our thoughts.  I also heard that there are programs where they are somehow using people's minds as a inter connected web of quantum computers. Like someone hacking into your PC and using it to host files. It slows down your system but may go on for years before you figure it out. Our brains work on a frequency so they hack the frequency and download what they want us thinking about.  So many ways to go with this concept.


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