Someone I knew recently asked me how I spent my free time.  I thought about it for a while and realized that other than daydreaming, I don't really have any hobbies, participate in any clubs, or take part in social activities.  I've never been a big joiner.  The activities I do enjoy (reading, journaling, watching movies, researching topics online) are not of the social variety, and my inquisitor seemed perplexed by this.  I didn't dare say that daydreaming takes up a decent block of time.  Hmm.  As someone with MD, technically, I guess I don't really have any "free time", do I?   My question to you all is, do you have any hobbies other than daydreaming?  If so, do they help you socialize?

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Well other than the basics of reading, watching tv and movies, and daydreaming of course, nothing really. I am in a club at school but its mandatory for community service. I use to play soccer and I daydreamed while doing our drills and stuff so I didnt really socialize all that much and there wasnt a whole lotta time to talk, or any people that I actually liked except for a select few. I honestly dont like going out that much because Im not a good conversationalist! So I always get nervous about what to say and i cant stand awkward silences!! I assure you im not too socially awckward just around certain people.. Does that make Sense?


Anyways, im no social butterfly. Heck, the people who I hang out with the most are my Daydream Characters! And wow I cant believe i just admitted that.

I hate it when people ask me what my hobbies are or what do I do in my spare time. I really don't have any hobbies either. Lately I've started baking so that'll be a nice answer but I don't collect anything, I don't go to any social events. Today someone asked me what my plans are for the weekend and I said mopping my floors! I do like to read and I'm addicted to looking up stuff on the internet but I feel like I should have a list of things to rattle off about myself if someone asks.

I write for a few online magazines and have a blog (that tries to be funny). Basically, my time is taken up with writing. Obviously there is work and friends too.


MD makes it hard to write sometimes though. When I dd so much that my mind is foggy and I feel sick, I often have to work hard to meet my deadlines.

I do meditation...i think that helps me get outside more then anything.
The only hobby I have that I don't use to help advance or access my world is art. I paint, sculpt, make jewelry, and (occassionally) write. Though this is something I use to the advantage of my world, I love cosplaying and going to cosplaying conventions. I thought I should include this because it is the only socializing I do all year (other than the necessary, of course) and I rather enjoy it. Other than that though, I do not have any sort of hobby that would bring me into contact with another person.


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