February  2012. 
January was one of the "healthiest" months of my life, it had it's ups and downs. But it was mostly up! We all did great things this month, small steps to bring our real life selfs closer to our  DD personas. Great job girls! Roxanne: the "double" birthday and for sticking with it, Elizabeth :on find a charity that you want to devote your time to and your lovely wedding plans, Sasi: getting back in health mode after the holidays!  
Pat ourselves on the back an look forward! I really recommend reading this article....

Clearly this will not be us! 

So looking forward, my targets for February are: 

Maintain current routine of:
8h of sleep,
only dd about the real me,
balanced eating,
keep my home clean and tidy. 

Additional goals: 
Get the fundamentals of touch typing down,
learn to read and write my mom's native language,
organize and sync computer/calendar/cellphone,
get proper apps for my phone,
work on my management conference homework,
research for my "team of experts" good dermatologist, skin technician, orthodontist, therapist... and set  appointments,
plan my summer holiday,
optimize my time management skills using Randy Pausch's lecture as a modell,
write and analyze a blog post summary of january,
look into an additional health care insurance plan,
make a budget plan for 2012.

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I'm really interested to hear how you like therapist.  How much do you plan on saying about MD?  If you do, I'd take Cynthia's paper.

February 17. The first session Dr. S was amazing, he's worth every cent! I'll get more into it later Rox, right now my brain is mush. As I left his office my head was spinning, but one thought stood out "iron sharpens iron"... It's not something we discussed, it just summarizes my feelings and expectations of it more than anything else, "iron sharpens iron". 

That sounds so intriguing.  I can't wait to hear more.

Light, you are the first to know.  At least temporarily - I'm not committing to anything - I have aged another 3 years - 5 years altogether.   We'll see if it lasts.

I am still waiting to hear about iron on iron & your therapy sessions.

Where are Liz & Sasi?  Liz just had a birthday if I'm not mistaken.  

I have also changed my name again.  I do this regularly, so that is no big deal, but not to MY name.  I am now using a variation (Anna) of my middle name, Ann.  Baby steps.  I'm excited, but have to admit that I'm finding it all a little less fun.  Also trying to think of ways to get the drama, glamour, fun, romance from DD character into real life.

How is any one else doing in terms of merger?  Light, it seems that you have been very organized, productive & healthy.  Is this a matter of managing DDs in order to spend more time with "real" you, or attempt for "real" you to be more like your DD self?

Jules is interested in idea of "growing up" her character, so hope she will join.

I'd love to join you! (:

Just wondering if you have to actually write down your characters' traits, age, occupation and everything about them first. Before you start to merge. I'm not sure I have all those answers. Will have to really think about it. I have a name (actually a few different names), approx age, looks, character traits. I guess thats a start.

Thanks for suggesting merging! I'm talking with my counsellor this week about who my DD character is and what she desires. A bit scarey, but I'm kind of looking forward to learning more about her. And listen to what she is saying.

No, not at all, although I did compare the 2 personas myself and found some interesting points.  I think it's actually a good idea to write them down, now that I think about it, though.  What a good idea.  I have thought more & more about what I get out of both, due to this site.  And Lightman came up with idea of trying to bridge the gap between the 2.  It has been helpful, but not easy, as slow as I am taking it.  

Just to confirm, who do you mean by the 2 personas? Two DD characters or the real you and your DD character? Know what I mean?

The "real" me & the DD me.   The DD me does change in some ways - from blonde to brunette or choice of careers, name changes regularly, but she pretty much doesn't grow up (until recently of course) and basically stays the same.  How about you?

Yeah I guess she stays pretty much the same for me. Apart from her family and background and career etc. It's funny that in my head she actually IS me. I suppose she has traits that I like about myself aswell as ones I desire too.

Sometimes she is a teen, but doesn't go much past early 20's. She has sort of grown up with me. But now I'm feeling the pull to 40! (Just turned 36) Crumbs! I still don't feel like I'm that old. And some parts of the real me I guess, is still acting quite young. That's hard to let go of. I feel like there is a part of my development missing or something.

Anyway, that's some of me.

hello again.

I didn't realise that a new topic had been started at the start of Feb so have not checked in as got no e mail reply updates from Jan.I just thought everyone fell off the wagon as often happens with new years resolutions!

 Glad to see that's not the case and that R and L are doing so well.Hello to J too.Nice to have someone else on board.

R-how's the Dukan progressing?I have loads of friends who have done it in the last year.It's the latest diet to be on here in London.Everyone has lost loads of weight on it and look amazing.

L-sounds like the therapist is really giving you things to think about.I think it's an ideal time for you to start something like this as you are on such a self discovery journey.

As for me.The last month has gone by in a flash.Ups and downs.Eating got a bit unhealthy but back on track now.I started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred 11 days ago and have been doing it every day at 6 am!It's a killer but gets your fitness up big time.I'm definitely more toned but it's making me gain weight even with low cal healthy eating so i'm not too thrilled with that.L-i think you said you had done 30day shred in the past.Did you have the same experience?

 DD really steady.I've avoided all award ceremony nonsense as well which is a big advantage.It shows real progress that everyone is getting closer to merging the real and dd selves.

Let's hope i manage to catch a March thread this time!!

That sounds exactly like me.  She (me) grew up until around mid-twenties and never went further.  In fact, sometimes went backwards.  I'm trying to move her up a little at a time, but will probably stop soon.  If I wanted to be my age, I could just be me.  :-(


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