Do you ever get tired of DDing? I feel like my mind wont stop sometimes and I cant surface and stay in the present when I actually want to :/


It makes me feel like Im losing my much as I love my DD sometimes I'm sick of it in general or I get stuck in my dream and cant come up with anything new so I just repeat things over and over which makes me feel like a broken record.


Do you ever feel like youre "done" with a story and it makes you sad to see it and your characters go but it just doesnt seem to do it for you anymore? I feel that way right now, I miss the exciting days of my current dream :(




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Also, I feel as though I'm not getting deep sleep because when I wake up I'm in mid thought and I tend to just be repeating or rehearsing conversations Ive had 1000 times already and it makes me feel crazy!



Ive found that when i get a mental block, as i call it where i can't come up with anything new, i start to repeat what has already been done, this makes me feel really tired in my mind, however when im comping up with new scenarios it doesnt tire me out that much, it actually gives me some energy, but then i usually use that up by daydreaming too much anyway. its a horrible cycle, but don't feel crazy! thats what i did for a while but i realised that if i keep thinking im not crazy and just generally not making such a big deal out of MD then i wont be crazy..... crazy huh?

I have experienced it a few times, but it never continued for a long time. After some days, something would turn up and new scenarios would arrive, and the sorrowful dreams would turn happier and more adventurous. I believe that the daydreams have a distinct relation with the real world that you live in. When an MDer faces continual sorrow in his real life, he tends to hide under his own cover of MD. But later when it happens like he has accepted the sorrow with himself, but yet couldn't get out of it, his dreams change to sorrowful ones. It is a time when he has accepted the sorrow as a part of his life yet could not get over it. Is it something like this for you or something like you are losing interest in the topic you used to daydream about? 

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It's so funny you should say this because mine last for a few months and then I get sick of them and replace them. But the other day I was exhausted and feeling really low because I'd repeated the same dream from waking until I was getting ready to go to sleep. It's no fun sometimes.
yes, I had to start taking a sleeping pill to shut off the mental tv so I could sleep. It got to where I was awake all night DDing, like reading a book you can't put down.You just have to know what's going to happen next or finish it. If only we could go straight into a night dream carring the DD senerio with us. But I don't have night dreams, most likely due to not sleeping heavily.

I've always had some OCD tendencies so sometimes even when I try to turn it off it just keeps going, but Im not just Dd'ing, I will be repeating single conversations between characters or scenarios ALL when a song is stuck in your head. I'm not even interested in some of the scenarios right now but I literally cant get it out of my mind.


I take a sleeping pill 1 or 2 nights a month out of sheer exhaustion, I would like to avoid meds but Im really at my wits end because its out of control day and night :(

My daydream scenarios definitely play themselves out and when this occurs, I find myself searching for something new to experience.  This search is a drain on my energy and when I'm in between scenarios, I'm more apt to be depressed.  When I actually do sync up with a new scenario, I feel happier and more energized.  I equate this feeling to the one you might get when you start dating someone new.  Everything is exciting and I yearn to explore my new world.
This has only happened a few times in my life. If I find a story I rather enjoy, I began to question the world I have created and begin to contemplate changing it which in the end gives me that exhausted and frustrated feeling. Before I created my own world, I based them off of television shows, if I retired my world for whatever reason, I would begin a search for a new world. When I expirimented with the world, if it didn't fit I would start to feel mentally exhausted.


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