Last night I watched an episode of The Twilight Zone and it made me think of this forum. It was about a playwright who has the ability to bring his characters to life. His wife catches him in the arms of another woman and she confronts her him about it. He then reveals his secret ability. I couldn't find a video to link to, but here's a link to the wikipedia page about it: . See it if you can, I think you'd find a kindred spirit; episode 36 oof season 1, A World of His Own.

I also remember reading a short story as a school asignment in 8th grade about a man who constantly daydreamed, but I can't remember the title. Anyone else familiar with the story?

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

They are doing a remake of the original movie. Ben Stiller is playing the part of Walter Mitty. I think it is due out about May of 2013

That's it! Thank you for reminding me. I'll want to see the original and the remake. Too bad it's Ben Stiller, though.

It does feel like that. If anyone ever caught me spacing out hard, it would feel that intense.

Actually, one time in sixth grade I was daydreaming so intensely that I was walking through this garden labyrinth with flowers everywhere. I didn't really know what was going on, but that's what I saw. And all of the sudden, there are at least  four girls around me repeating my name over and over to get me to pass papers back. Someone was trying to pass me papers. And one girl said, "I'm sorry to ruin your dreamworld, girl." I was so mortified. I know my face was red..and that day we were talking about drugs. They probably thought I was high.

I love the Twilight Zone. One of my daydreams is actually based off the character Mr. Death, even though he only appeared in like one or two episodes. Not sure why he had such an impact on me, lol. And yeah, sometimes I do get that feeling I'm in that place... So freaky.

I've never watched an episode of the Twilight Zone, but I did watch a video of one of those movie-rides (where the ride is like you're a character going through an episode) at Disney that was based on the Twilight Zone. I found the basic idea of it applicable to MD.


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