I have noticed that some of my DDs involve me going to see a therapist as part of the story line. I do or say something that gets me ordered to go to "medical" for an evaluation lol. But I think the discussion that follows seems to help me in my real life coping.

Anyone else dreaming up their own therapist? if so does it offer you insight to your issues or just rehash the same old things?

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How funny, I was just thinking this yesterday. Yes, I do often dream of speaking with a counsellor or such. Sometimes I dd about a good friend taking the time to listen intently and then they offer amazing advice and affection. Unfortunately, in reality I don't have really anyone that has the time to listen to me whinge.

Have you ever been so involved in a dd that you completely lose yourself, and then suddenly, a loud noise makes you jump or you catch yourself in the mirror and then your mind snaps back and its like "what the hell am I doing"? I was dd that a friend found out that I hurt myself and was begging me to stop, telling me that I was worth more and talking me through the emotions. I suddenly listened to what I was saying and realised that yes, in a weird way I was giving therapy to myself and that I knew the answers, I just wanted to hear them from someone else who cares. I don't know, its weirdness. I often talk over "reality" problems with my fantasy friends, I think it helps me process problems, I would like to talk that that with real people, but usually people are idiots or they just don't care.

Maybe dd about having a problem and being ordered to go talk with someone is your subconscious saying you want to feel validated and acknowledged for how you feel?

Several characters have a degree in psychiatry. However, they use it to find violent offenders (justice/law enforcement). They help out their relatives and friends with their issues from time to time, because they notice changes in the behaviour before the others do. But it's an informal kind of help, I don't use therapists in my DW.

Yup, all the time lately. I actually switch between therapists but they're all from the tv show In Treatment. They just challenge things I say, questioning. It's like the cheapest therapy possible. If I do it long enough, I cry. 

It does offer insight that:

-I judge to0 negatively about myself and others

-I have a lot of anger inside me

I try to be less judgmental about things and try to get a firmer grasp of my hidden anger. I'm very frustrated and very afraid. I'm 35 now and I'll be single forever.  I am not afraid of relationships, I'd rather have failed ones than none, but  I have an involuntary celibacy. I'm afraid not to be accepted by 99,99% of women as a potential partner: I don't want kids. Also I have a light Asperger syndrom (I score below the official qualification but not very much), finding it extremely difficult to emotionally or sexually connect (while being very sexual when on my own), sometimes reverting to stoicism or sarcasm. Also, I don't get out of the house as much as other people. The frustration comes from so many failed attempts to find me a gf, I feel I have bad luck but most Aspergy's never find a woman. I feel I should learn to show emotions but it's like I often do not have them except anger. Sometimes I fake enthusiasm or put on some other type of mask. I can be tender and compassionate  but these things cannot be shown. It's like I have things written on my forehead: avoid, boring, bad father or what not and women see them.

I still have sessions. Stuff from my youth comes up too. My parents have never understood me, I've been bullied some time in school and I didn't know squat about Asperger until my 35th. I don't want it to become an excuse but it really does explain why certain things have been so difficult for me. Also, it's my lack of need to be with other people that leads to isolation. From time to time that comes up as a nagging, hurting issue.

I do this. I DD about telling my parents that I have MDD and they take me to a doctor.


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