Dose anyone else get very irritated when day dreaming is interupted?

  When ever someone interuptes or calls my name or whatever when in the middle of a day dream I get very irritated, and lashes out alot. The same when anyone ever askes about it or acknowledges it, and i get super embaressed. Does anyone else get angry or embaressed?or is it just me

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I told my councilor that I felt cold to people and didn't want to talk to them or care what they had to say. She said it was because they were distracting me away from the DD. So I know where you're coming from.
That's exactly the way I've felt for years; I get SO agitated! It's actually the reason I got a new door knob with a lock. I was sick of my mom walking in on me pacing back and forth and making who knows what kind of facial expressions and movements. My mom and I fought about it and she told me to take it off but I refused. I couldn't tell her the real reason why I wanted the lock on my door and still haven't to this day. I just told her that I was sick of her just barging in on me since I can't hear anything outside my door with my iPod blasting in my ear. That, and I've never had any privacy. Thankfully she's let me keep the door knob these last few years.


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