Does excessive MD absorb a lot of energy from the body?

Does a person with excessive MD most probably would be thin or having abnormal growth?Because it seems most probably who suffer Md likely is thin I think so.Well my question is Does excessive MD can cause a person lose a lot of energy from the body or as well as the brain?

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I am thin, but I don't think my MD causes my thinness. I am actually on a diet because I gained around 15 pounds when I was away from home and now I'm trying to lose those pounds. MD actually energizes me; it gives me satisfaction. I don't think it causes me to lose energy.

I'm definitely not thin.  I'm very overweight, in fact.  I blame my MD in part because all I want to do is lie around and daydream. I don't have the energy to exercise, so I gain weight.  

MD tends to give me energy too just like Laine mentioned. If I'm very absorbed in it I often feel very alive. I'm slightly chubby and wish I could lose a bit of weight. I don't think daydreaming has anything to do with that. I just have a bad diet and don't exercise much because I'm lazy but has nothing to do with my daydreaming habits.

If way too much excessive daydreaming until can cause excruciating  headache and a lot of perspiration?Does it absorb energy from the body?

Not sure, I am tired all the time but I don't know if it is from MD. I get headaches and am very tired after spending time trying NOT to daydream. Trying to keep focused and not DD is mentally exhausting to me.

Hmm yeah I don't tend to get headaches from daydreaming. Much like greyartist  I get more headaches when I'm attempting to not daydream as for me it requires so much more energy to focus my mind.  I'm not sure about the perspiration. I don't think I've heard anyone say excessive daydreaming causes more perspiration.
 Perhaps the nature of your daydream might effect your energy levels in some way. If someone is constantly thinking about a future event that is anxiety provoking, such as public speaking, they will probably exhaust their mind and body as they will be using all their energy worrying about it. If you have a daydream that maybe causes you some distress, for example you might have strong feelings for a character and you hate that you have to return to the real world without them, this will probably put you in a low mood which will probably effect your energy in some way.People who have exciting daydreams that cause them a lot of happiness will probably feel a lot more energized so I think it depends on the nature of your daydream.  

I am overweight and have been all my life and I have been doing this all my life. so I can't concur.

I think, when I think about some imaginary character or my emotions drive me into that, I feel exhausted. I just want to be me, not any other chracter.

The brain uses a lot of energy. The brain uses about twenty percent of the total haul of energy. That is a lot when you consider it is by an organ that accounts for about two percent of the person's total weight.

Most of that energy usage is not due to thinking. It is just basic housekeeping functions that the brain does, such as regulating  physiologic processes like heart rate, breathing and digestion.

The brain uses the most energy when learning and fewer calories when thinking about what the person has learned. Mastering a new skill uses much more energy than going through the motions after the skill has been mastered.

* True daydreaming is random thoughts and uses much less energy than cognitive thought. Extreme concentration is believed to ratchet up the amount of calories a person burns with their brain, over the course of a day, by about ten percent. With the brain burning about 300 calories in a day, extreme concentration, using the frontal lobe, burns about 25 to 30 calories for the day. That is not going to make a person skinny. And it is frontal lobe concentration that uses the most energy. Just like Hunter and Greyartist mentioned.

Now, excessive daydreaming can lead a person to not eat properly or drink enough water or not get proper sleep. These things can have a person lethargic.

*I said true daydreaming and was referring to the type of daydreaming activity that everyone (including folks who identify as MD) engages in throughout their day. It is unavoidable and is different than what some folks call Maladaptive Daydreaming. Compulsive Fantasizing does use more of the brain than just the Default Mode Network. It is creative fantasizing.  But, I think this fantasizing uses a lot of random thought and overall uses much less energy than frontal lobe concentration and focus. 

I get headaches . .. but I think its more due to the fact that I sometimes grind my teeth when I MD. Other than that MDing makes me more energetic, because I feel like a faux high . . . i cant explain it I just get happy.  I am skinny and have a petite frame.

I would probably be a lot heavier than I am if it were not for my need to move around during DD. Even when I have been so sick that I should be confined to bed and resting, I wind up getting up to DD.

So brain only uses the energy until it reaches certain amount of energy...alright than it does not absorb from the body.Thanks guys now I get it right :)


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