Does anyone get angry when their fantasies are interrupted?

I've noticed that I get very annoyed when I'm in the midst of a DD and someone needs something from me. I'm curious if that's common? I'm also curious in hearing how you adapt to this. 

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I'm actually relieved when someone or something interrupts me, because I feel guilty doing it. I feel like if I had enough interruptions I could have this thing under control. I don't think you should get annoyed, interruptions can be healthy. And after all, if it's a DD you enjoy, you can always come back to it later 

Yeah many times my partner has had to wait for me to stop daydreaming so we can do something. I'll be like "just give me 10 more minutes to think." and he just sits there and waits and if he interrupts I get very annoyed. Thankfully he understands...sort of

Yes I do get angry when interrupted. I just tell myself that I can make up for it later.

Yes!  I also get irritated when I don't have enough alone time to act out my daydreams.  I have to talk out loud, move my hands, pace back and forth, etc., and if I don't get the chance to do that for an adequate amount of time, I get very annoyed

I get very irritated when I'm interrupted. At times it's because the dd is really good. Other times it's because I can't turn the dd off & I feel like I'm trying to listen to too many people. Just the other day my precious 4yr old asked " you don't like me talking to ya huh mommy" I felt terrible. I'm trying to be more aware & not let it show.

I can get really annoyed, yes. I'm a really tolerant person, and patient with other people, so I just talk to them for a bit or whatever then get back to my DD when I can, but there's almost always a flash of anger when they interrupt. It's kind of like someone interrupting a deep conversation between me and a friend, except there's no friend actually there, and I have to remember that they know nothing.

Hi *waves*

No I never do.  I feel ashamed if my day dreams have been interupted because I worry that someone might have seen what i was doing.

I find it very annoying, especially if you're already trying to DD as a form of escape from depression. If I have to stop to do something, the world seems surreal.

Not always.  But there have been times when I have got really annoyed especially if it is a "needed" daydream or a really good one.

Depends on the daydream. Sometimes I feel guilty when someone interrupts because I know I'm daydreaming too much and sometimes I feel angry especially when I'm having a particularly emotional daydream whether it's a good daydream or a bad one.
I get fairly irritated when interrupted; level of said irritation depends on the intensity of the daydream and if the interruption itself was startling/jarring. If I was highly invested in a very emotional daydream, I will be quite displeased with whatever the source of the interruption is. But just like a good book, I can come back & finish up later.

Haha, yes :) My family thinks I have multiple personalities. I get very moody when anyone interrupts a particularly intense daydream, but ten minutes later, once the drama is over, I'm very cheerful again. My brother knows what I'm doing and generally stays as long as he can to annoy me even more.


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