or do you regret all of the years that have passed by? ive been doing this since i was 12 and am now 26. do you think this effects ever having real relationships or for me anyway-i had a lot of trauma growing up and in a way i feel like i cant function without the people in my head because even if they ''hurt''  me ill still be ''fine''

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I wouldn't say "perfectly fine", but I don't really regret it.  I see myself as an underachiever at work, but everyone else thinks I'm doing just fine (I find myself thinking that standards in the real world aren't all that high!)  I can't find any motivation, or any real passion I want to follow in life; my work is just a means of financing a safe, undisturbed space so I can indulge in my fantasy life.  I wonder sometimes if I could be giving more to the world, as an intelligent and creative person, and that's really my only regret in all this.  My passion goes into my fantasy world.

Not perfectly fine, not willing to give it up, all at the same time.  I just wish I would not withdraw from everything when things get tough.......  Like choosing to stay home and dd rather than spend time with family during holidays.  Don't know why I do that.  Maybe safer then putting on airs for people I only see once or twice a year.  This year I am not in the mood to be around people.

That's exactly how I feel LJ!

I'm quite good with MD. I have extremely complex PTSD, the most extreme case my two shrinks have ever seen and one has been practicing since 1957 ( yah he's older than dirt LOL ) So...that should tell you how reality has gone for me. To me, real people are potential for drama to trauma. I feel that had I NOT tried to step out of my daydreams into the real world, my life would have taken a much better tack and I'd be saner and in a decent position today. I could have milked cows for a living ( daydreamed while doing it ) and taken correspondance courses or finished college as my health allowed. ( many of my health problems were due to other people ) I regret not embracing my fantasy life far more than I did. It might have saved me.

  BUT, that's me and most of you won't experience the extreme problems I encountered with my own species LOL

 I personally think that daydreaming gives our lives 'flavor' in a way. If I didn't have the power to daydream, then I think that life for me would be even more bland. But the one thing about daydreaming that I regret is letting myself sink so deep in it that I wasted about 2 years of my life actually believing that my fantasy world was going to come true, and losing track of how reality works. But I believe that there is some kind of middle ground.


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