I am, like everyone else here seems to be, emotionally numb. The only feeling I really feel is anger. I am interested to see if this is common in those with md, or if I simply have an anger problem?

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no anger issues, just anxiety.

I was exactly like that, starting in my mid-teens. I was seething with anger all the time and barely felt anything else, except on occasion, sadness or anxiety . In my mid-30s, I finally got some counseling and it helped tremendously.  

I experience all sorts of emotions, both positive and negative. But sometimes I can be angry all day, especially towards people around me because they can be annoying.

Thankyou for your replies :)

I used to have an anger problem. Now I have the exact opposite, a no-anger problem. I see bunnies and flowers everywhere (not literally of course, you know what I mean :p ) I think I really annoy people with being so happy with everyone and everything, though :p

Not anger, just annoyed over what I cannot control. 


Haha Gina Black I used to be like that for a period when I was really happy, people used to tell me I was annoying and it upset me so much that I changed myself completely and now I would give anything to go back to being that annoying happy person! :)

I get angry towards my friends all of the time, when they complain about their lives I get angry because I will never be able to live a real life with real feelings and real relationships like they do. I think I am more angry at myself because I did this to myself, I and I am constantly angry at my mum for being the one that made me so unhappy that I started to md

Well, I can completely unerstand you Marla!

But never say never...I practically made it out, so why not you? You have some friends already and that's real relationships, so no matter how unstatisfying they may be it is a start :)


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