Hey guys im so glad i found this website. Not only do I daydream but I do this weird thing where i replay stuff in my head over and over again. Like after a simple conversation with a friend, ill literally spend minutes replaying it in my mind (sometimes changing the outcomes). Does anyone else do this?

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hey, i know what you mean. I do it all the time, even if the conversation lasted like a second, you try and figure out the different way you could have said something. I don't know about, but the reason why i do it is because, i fear the way i've said something, even if i said one word, sounds silly, or if i came across a certain way, or in your mind there's a certain way you wanted to be, like you wanted to show that you are a calm kinda person or just someone else. 

It's really frustrating for me, because i have a tendency to analyse people, i try and read people, the they talk, eyes, etc...and i try to figure out if they find me boring, or if they are upset, when they are saying something else. Not really a good thing, cause it can drive yourself mad. i don't go out much too much in my own world. MDing.

I do that a lot, as well! When I have a conversation or other scenario that did not turn out as I had hoped it would, I'll change it in my mind until I'm happy with it. For example, I'm normally really quiet, and if someone asks me a question I tend to mumble and stumble over words until I scare the one questioning away. This upsets me so much that I'll spend a giant chunk of time replaying the same scenario over and over, making myself seem outgoing and perfect, until I'm completely happy with it. I think a lot of others do the same thing, as well. You are definitely not alone with this!

yes, although quite often the conversations are prior rather than after.   Playing after can be okay if you are clear about the meeting and it doesn't go some sort of reality bending device after words.  Try to trust yourself.

Yes I do this all the time! Il repeatedly replay the conversation, as myself and also replacing myself with the 'improved version' of me that exists in my imaginary world.

Nic xx

Yepp. I do that a lot, I think a few people do that too, just normal, non-MDers, just not to the extreme. How many times have you heard, on the internet, stuff about "come up with a good comeback..... a week later"?


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