Sometimes in a daydream storyline (especially if its something really exciting/suspenseful) I'll just imagine the main parts of the story and "fast forward"/skip ahead some parts, then fill in the details later. Does anyone else do that?

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i relive over and over certain parts of my daydream. The bits i like the most. Then I might change something or imagine it differently if I get fed up of it. But i build a whole back story, once I have the main events in mind.

One really weird thing I do is no matter how many days have passed in Imaginary Friend World (the name of my imaginary universe), I always keep the date the same as it is in the real world to make things less confusing. For example, if I was daydreaming something today (Wednesday April 30) that went on for three days, in Imaginary Friend World it would be Wednesday, April 30 for 3 days in a row.

I do that all the time!

For instance, I daydream about a movie, about me being in the movie, and being with a certain character in the movie. When I daydream I focus on the parts that have the character (and me) then the rest of it I skip..but I kind of skim through in my mind what happens so it doesn't feel imcomplete.

^ That's literally what I used to do (and still sometimes). As a kid when I watched movies I would make up a character and put the character into the scenes while I watched the movie but then come up with the dialogue and whatever differences my character brought to it. 

I've been away a few days, found a game online that soaks up my sci-fi imagination. It's an alien plot to distract me from reality. They put me back in time but it wasn't exactly the same place from where I was taken. Feeling like a pin cushion must be a side affect of time travel.  I gained about six pounds while I was gone. I have lean ripped muscles and my body aches from exercise and work. I must be on alien vacation recovering from a spiral fracture of my right distal fibula. While my dreams are not interrupted, I am asleep. Monster week on Animal Planet. Check out the Mermaids! 8 PM ??

My daydreams are sci-fi, so I'm ALWAYS on alien vacation, LOL.
All the time. I just think *this part is boring,im gonna skip to the exciting stuff*

It is difficult to skip forward sometimes, I need my backstory to be properly filled in and it nags me if I advance without it.

Wow. I wasn't expecting there to be this many replies, LOL.
I happens to me very often, sometimes because I want to think about details later and spend more time in this DayDream. I have one that is very complicated and I was creating it part by part, what's interesting, I've started in the middle and left the beggining for another time. It's also common for me to create something like a plan that only fills it for a bit of time, and when I have free time I go back to those plans and I extend extend them.

I don't follow a timeline at all. There is a timeline in my daydreams, but I don't follow it. I'll skip around, go back in time, forward in time, re-do old ones, etc.

yes nearly always there's not a time line i imagine where ever i like


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