Sometimes in a daydream storyline (especially if its something really exciting/suspenseful) I'll just imagine the main parts of the story and "fast forward"/skip ahead some parts, then fill in the details later. Does anyone else do that?

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A lot of the time my daydreams kind of jump all over the place, instead of staying on time line.

One time I skipped about a week in my daydream. I didn't feel like filling it in, so I just imagined that I'd gotten a concussion and forgot what happened that week.

yes, all the time. most of the time, nothing is ever in order.

I do this literally all the time. if a part in my daydream gets boring or I've had that daydream before I just skip time to go to a better part.

I do. I skip forward for more fun things. Then go back to see if I make a good plot as to why it happened.  Sometimes I even add scenes from shows I watch to make the boring parts more interesting. It's never in order or constant if a idea gets boring after a while too.

Yea of course all the time

Damn this thing is really weird, I really hope they find an explanation for this.... sometimes i can't even believe this real.

Yes, I'm filling in one of them right now. I keep on changing the details though.

Yes, especially if I want to focus on something very eventful. 

I most defiantly do. XD

My dreams can jump hundreds or thousands of years from the past or future. When I'm in the past I reach for technology and when I'm in the future I search for nature. On rear occasion at an intersection reality is better than a dream and the moment dissolves into memory. R.M.L.
Rae said:

A lot of the time my daydreams kind of jump all over the place, instead of staying on time line.

Oh yeah, definitely. Time is not very accurate, although for reference I do usually keep track of years (since it's the same character I've been playing for who knows how long, real-life dates are pretty useful otherwise I'd think things happened a year ago and then remember I really dreamt it in 2009. ) If a future event will be more fun, then I don't hesitate to skip ahead and just establish backstory when that information is needed. But it does keep moving forward; I don't really ever go back. It's hard when your character has been changing and growing over the course of a decade or so to go back when she was very different at the time. 


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