Did your happy moments in daydreaming makes you happy?

I ask this because I wanna know if the happiness of the good daydreams continue or just for moments and goes away for you ....I think for me it is just moments of  happiness and then pain of going back...I wanna hear from you all 

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I realized it depends on what I'm daydreaming about.

Plots about worlds and people which are not similar to reality make me happy for long. It's like an extension of my life or a second life.

But when I run into daydreams which are inspired by reality or real people a lot, I want those things to become real and they  become nnreachable goals. Then those fantasies are the only time and place where I feel completely comfortable and getting back to reality feels like ripping myself apart.

For me the happiness is temporary too and, like you and BlackUnicorn, it's the pain of going back to reality.
It differs, but there was a time when they made me happy and I would stay that way. More often than not though, it would only last until I would "wake up" and then I would be crushed it wasn't real.
Lately they don't really affect my emotions anymore


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