Did you self diagnose or get a doctor's diagnosis?

Hey guys. So since I was little I was always daydreaming and I knew I did it more than usual. I researched for a long time and finally came past MD. I have all symptoms except it doesn't affect me to the point of needing to see a doctor (psycologically) and so I always have just assumed I have MD. If you want to know my symptoms they are:
•Daydreaming about characters and such
•Movement (foot moving) and uttering words
•Over attachment to tv show characters and stuff
The worst I have gotten is that I lose focuse and expirience slight depression from the sadness of reality.

Never tried this out soo hopefully I did this right! Thanks!

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At this point, because most doctors haven't heard of it, people pretty much have to self-diagnose.  More research is being done, and we're trying to spread the word, but that's a really long, slow process.  

I assumed. Whoever came up with a diagnosis is a genius in my eyes because people always need to feel like they're not alone :)

The term was coined by Dr. Eli Somer.  He's currently researching it again with Jayne Bigelsen, who also researched it with Dr. Cynthia Schupak, who's become a close friend of mine.  


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