I used to be an MD'er (ages 12-30), but I eventually stopped. I couldn't take it anymore. Looking back, all I remember is being out of it and not living a normal life. When I completed highschool, I wanted to travel and thrive in an art career. My plans changed and my family discovered my daydreaming disorder. Many others reacted badly to my inability to pay attention. It was so awful.

Worst yet, I spent years staring into blank space, and dreamt up things I wanted to do with my life, which never materialized in future. Everything going on in my head wasn't real. Now I currently look at a void of a life that is unaccomplished and very reclusive. 

Rule of thumb. If you dream about making your goals come true. Do this, but stay awake! And don't let anybody find out that your a daydreamer. People are going to notice and might take it negatively. 

As for believing in your fantasies, please don't do this. Your going to be very disappointed. People who really achieve things are usually with reality. 

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You're so right! I never really thought any of my daydreams would come true, but just thinking about that they wont and realizing they are not real when you like click out of daydreaming is so devestating. It's actually really hard. So inspiring to see that you have actually dealt with it. I have no idea how to stop - or how to let go for that matter. Respect to you!

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