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Dealing with Insomnia Tips + A Few Questions

So, from my other post, you could probably tell I'm going through some deep depression from MDing...

As I prepare to go to sleep, I'm writing these tips out for anyone else dealing with sleep problems. One of which is to write down all your worries so you don't ruminate them, so here I am...

A few questions I want to ask, my worries. Plus, I could really use someone to talk to tomorrow I think.

See, my father died when I was 6. Do you think this can be a cause for MDing? I wonder if I would be as lonely if he were here; and my mother works all day. It's a little late to find someone who can act as a substitute in some ways; but maybe, I think I just need to hang out with friends more often... Does that help for anyone else?

Also, is it good to indulge in your MD and any related material/media as much as possible? Or should you either go 50/50, or should you completely ignore your desires?

Insomnia tips:

Write down your concerns from the day and tomorrow so you don't ruminate on them.

Google the f.lux program; it yellows the screen at night, diminshing the negative effect of artificial lighting on your brain's production of the sleep hormone. This will also allow turning off the light in your room without your retinas burning from pure white.

Count down from 10,000 slowly. Start over if you lose track. Alternatively, I also tried to imagine "walking" through my house, while keeping my legs from moving; our brains have a hard time imagining walking without input from your legs, which is why running in your dreams is tough. This seems to have the same effect as counting, but not as strongly--for me, at least.

Stare at the back of your eyelids.

Try out asoftmurmur.com for white noise like oceans. However, for me, white noise doesn't seem to work, and instead does something to my brain that I don't like, idk, it might depend...

Limit caffeine; don't quit cold-turkey and just cut it slowly so you don't have withdrawal symptoms. That stuff stays in your system for many hours.

Don't do anything but sleep or sex in bed. Your brain won't associate your bed as a place to sleep otherwise. This is tough for me, and I'm most likely screwed, since my PC and TV is in my bed; I also read in bed.

Set a schedule and stick to it.

Don't look at the clock; it'll only frustrate you.

No meals, only light snacks before bed. Avoid sugar and carbs and go for fat, because fat is a much longer burn, while a sugar crash can cause you to awaken or weaken your sleep quality.

Drink lots of water. It can deepen your sleep.

Limit your naps.

Exercise, just enough for stimulation, especially as a substitute for caffeine. But don't do it before bed. Do it in the morning or evening.

If nothing's working: Get up, leave the room, and then come back after a light read or meditation session. Maybe a little milk or something. I think I remember reading vaguely about trying sleeping in a different room or something, something to do with the whole assocation thing, idk....

So... WISH ME LUCK. I'm gonna make another post when I wake up to log how I feel, to see if I'm through this phase I'm going through. Still don't know if I should MD about my love being there or not. Perhaps that's the cause of it all:

Loneliness, and a lack of adventure.

Also, I have like no appetite.

*sigh filled with longing*

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