Just a quick question for people,  I have read a lot of posts while I was waiting to get approved for the site, and I have noticed a lot of people use day dreaming as tool for when they are feeling down or depressed as means of escape. I am the other way, if something bad happens or I feel down or depressed I cant day dream, I have tried to day dream sometimes to cheer myself up when something happens, but it never works, its like my mind refuses to do it. I only start day dreaming again if a problem has worked itself out or when I begin to feel happy again. In fact I am most likely to day dream when I feel really happy.  Is there anyone else like me at all?

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Me! I couldn’t relate to all the escapism daydreaming. It’s shut down for me when I’m too sad or even stressed or mad at someone. I just think of that instead. When I’m happy, I could daydream all day.
If I’m extremely depressed, I lose the abilty to daydream, but if I’m just a little depressed or anxious then I do use it as a coping mechanism. I also find I often do it when I’m really happy/euphoric

I do! I actually do it when I am depressed and happy, but what I've noticed is that the compulsion to do it and the intensity is way stronger when I'm happy/optimistic. If I feel good about something or someone, my mind will begin churning out scenarios and stories. If I meet someone, we start talking and I develop a romantic interest in them, my mind will imagine an entire lifetime with them. If I have a good business idea, I will begin daydreaming of how awesome it would be for that idea to materialize. Optimism fuels my MD more than pessimism.

My other main thing is, with trying to control it more now, I find it actually really difficult not to day dream if I'm really tired, its like the more tired I am the more my mind wanders, and I find it so much easier to start day dreaming, 

My dream in friend says he dreams doing repetitive things like driving.
Says it is kinda of dangerous to work and dream

Daydreaming doesn’t come easy when I’m actively in a stressful situation or a significantly anxiety-provoking event is looming.  If I’m focused on the stressor, it’s not likely that I’ll daydream. My mood doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on my daydreaming, with respect to frequency. I’ll DD when I’m happy, sad, whatever. 


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