Wild untested theory for any younger folks here , uncertain if offering advice or seeking it , all reasonable responses welcome
If say , you hadn’t been able to practically literally apply your Md by the age of around 25 to a creative career end in the arts world or whatever, then is the time to seek help professionally to minimise your Md
I say this as I didn’t and haven’t with grave results and wish I’d have been known of others with this and these really informative forums back then
Thanks again all

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I'm not sure about what you are saying.

Do you mean that people who, at the age of 25 or older, still have MD without having any benefit, should always seek professional help?

It would make sense. That is the age (22-25) when you reallly start worrying about daydreaming too much.

But recently, we can reach even younger people.

Hi again
It’s a suggestion, a possibility, if a younger person found this forum , couldn’t stop Md, it interferes with everything, and it hadn’t found a place in the world to benefit, for either giving or taking , rather than escaping , if they could discipline themselves to an upper age limit of say 25,then perhaps they could set about trying to escape or at least limit , it .........!
Long shot I know .


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