What are your current daydream plots?

Here's mine:

There exists a universe parallel to our own in which humans never evolved as the dominant species on Earth but the rest of the galaxy is filled with a variety of different alien life forms. Our moon has an alien species on it called the Selenites that used to rule a vast galactic empire 2,000 years ago but have since retreated to the moon and have been forgotten. The galaxy is now ruled by a species called the Anacreonians that conquered the galaxy following the collapse of the previous empire. But they are not the main enemy in this universe! No, the real enemy are a species called the Blissk from the Andromeda Galaxy that seek to conquer the Milky Way Galaxy and enslave all the species that inhabit it. They have the ability to travel to other alternate universes and shift reality in small ways. The main plot is that the Blissk travel to our universe to scout it out and accidentally bring me back to their universe. I travel throughout this new universe completely lacking humans with some traveling companions seeking a way to stop the Blissk invasion from enslaving the galaxy! This daydream plot has gone on for about three years and I'm on the cusp of finally defeating the Blissk, but believe me that will not be the end of this plot. There's always more planets to see and save!

There's a lot more to that, so if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask! :D

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i feel like most people have these supernatural/fantasy daydreams. so i feel pretty boring ;c

my current plot: i have four main characters: Kelly,Alice,Jamie, and Ariana (theres alot more obviously but their the main ones). They are in a band. Theyre not famous or antyhing, theyre just teenagers in a band who go to high school. Kelly is a blonde vegan with parent issues , she does alot of school plays/musicals, and she sings (shes the lead singer LOL), and she drinks alot and is kinda slutty. Alice is awesome at guitar( like super awesome) and she listens to old classic rock and punk and stuff. she has a bad temper and she is dating jamie. Jamie is the bass player and he tries really hard to be punk and have a punk attitude but hes really a sweetheart. and ariana is like, the hipster. she  has purple hair and likes film photography and has a cool style, shes also the drummer. shes the mature one that keeps the band together, and shes the only one who doesnt drink or do drugs at their shows.  they have a enemy named selena cohen (Whos a pop sensation, like...miley cyrus. shes totally a disney kid.) she used to go to their high school but shes still good friends with kelly. Theres so much going on at once its so hard to explain. basically, its just about their lives and relationships and stuff. This plot has been going on for 2 or 3 years, but I made kelly and selena 5 years ago so its pretty much a continuation from their story. yaay

new one: a man is cryogenically frozen until the year 2 million AD! :D kind of a just for fun one for me, not really serious x3

Another detail: across universes in my daydream things reflect. In the universe most of the plot takes place in, there's an elite government force called Black Watch that works clandestinely to keep the Empire in power with technology far advanced beyond that of the rest of the Empire (so advanced in fact that their main base is located on the surface of a sun!). In our universe though, Black Watch still exists, but it's a secret branch of the American government that seeks out and collects alien technology. I've only encountered this Black Watch in an alternate universe where I stayed on Earth and have never heard of aliens. It's confusing, I like confusing stuff. Feel free to ask for clarification :P

Such creativity shouldn't surprise me, as people on this site have always been creative, but it still amazes me!  :)  

Nice plot.
My plot-
I haven't had a .........unique plot in over a year. I
Just read some story and then play it in my mind
With my own charectets........its too silly to talk about.
I cant write about it.

Damn, impressive! do you write? seems like something that would make a nice s.f. novel, or something. 


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