Has anyone every created a fictional planet, country or city as a setting for your daydream?

I've created two countries:

Evea; this is home to all of my daydream characters, it is a country located in North America, approximately 20-30 miles from the East Coast of America (it is on it's own island).

Niklaustan; this is a country one of my character visits as an adult, they end up adopting a child here.  It is a small country located to the south of Russia, it's somewhere people like to go skiing.

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I created fake countries for my daydream. Sometimes I go into details such as inventing the costumes, festivals, dances, and languages of the people.

Yeah, I created a fictional country and language for my characters.  Some of them are currently living there, and some aren't.  My main character, though she doesn't live there, is co-queen of it, along with her mother.  That's a long story, though.  Lol.  

I've invented fictional planets, countries and languages before, but never for my daydreams. That sounds fun actually.

Actually, now that I think about it, I may have done it as a child, but I can't remember exactly. I do remember that I used to pretend I lived in other countries (real ones). But I didn't actually know anything about them so I just made stuff up. So I guess that almost counts, haha. I took a real country and made my own version of it. Although I was young and I didn't realize how different other countries can be from my own, so it was never that elaborate. 

I also think i used to pretend I was from another planet, or that I was from either the distant future or the stone age. And sometimes when it rained I played in the mud and pretended I was from the Amazon, haha.

I estimate at this time that there are approximately 70+ planets currently in existence in my current daydream universe, and then I have at least 5 or 6 very elaborately created worlds.

I spend a lot of time daydreaming xD

Yes.  In mine there are many ET's living there and I am some kind of super human trying to bring everyone together and eliminate prejudices and racism.  I actually wrote about it somewhere as a story but I don't have a name for the country yet and I don't always visit this place to day dream.

That sounds nice.  Feel free to post what you write here.  People tend to enjoy that sort of thing.  :)  

Tinkerbell said:

Yes.  In mine there are many ET's living there and I am some kind of super human trying to bring everyone together and eliminate prejudices and racism.  I actually wrote about it somewhere as a story but I don't have a name for the country yet and I don't always visit this place to day dream.

I find this whole thread really great! Such an interesting topic.  

My "stories" never take place "here".  I created an elaborate universe/"afterlife" with "landscapes" instead of worlds...(landscape smaller than a world).  World has its own economic systems, religions, customs, social mores, technology, weather events, abilities, mystical creatures, etc...  Love world- building!  I would find it distracting to have stories about this world, since they would clash with what happens in my stories.  

Hi folks, I find it fascinating that a lot of daydreamers create fantasy worlds with names, languages, culture, etc. on different planets. You give them fictitious names and other fictitious characteristics. The ability to do this is really awesome. It's not something that I can do, or am even inclined to do, and I say this as a long-time MD'er.

My daydream world has always taken place in the so-called real world. Against the backdrop of Paris, London, New York, and other places, my characters have lived their so-called lives. Major scenes take place in front of known landmarks and in really typical cafes, apartments and city parks. It's enough for me to escape reality by thinking of daydreams in actual, real-world places. I don't escape reality by imagining far-off worlds and planets, but I bet it is a heck of a lot of fun.

So I wonder, why don't you choose the real world? Why do you daydream about distant worlds?

The emotional terrain of my daydreams is really ordinary and very much like the average human on an average day, and this leads me to a second question for you guys, What is the emotional experience of your daydreams, the ones taking place on other planets and distant worlds?  Is it bland, is it super-rich emotionally?

I'd love to hear your answers, thanks for replying!

Hi everyone, I thought some of you might enjoy this game I've been playing.  You can create your own country and then you decide how the country forms, depending on the answers you give to certain issues. I have about ten countries on here, including the two I made up for my daydreaming.


Usually mine take place in the "real world" with myself. But sometimes when I just create characters, I'll make up new cities, tv shows, music, etc. I never get too creative. When I was younger I would daydream in made up cities though, and pretend I'm a different person from that place. I've never been into hardcore fantasy type of things. I've usually always tried to keep it as close to reality as possible.

I do this too. I have three types of scenarios:


1. All sorts of different plots and "cast" integrated in the real world (and the appropriate supernatural stuff when it's based on the Buffy world or Charmed or Harry Potter , yeah, I do consider the HP world integrated and not a different thing, for me it's the U.K. basically).


2. One world focused on a new European country/island that I created out of nowhere between U.K. and the Scandinavian peninsula. It's hard to give it personality and protagonism in Europe's History without altering it, which it's important to me as an Historian. For this world I spent roughly all my free time making up maps, places, names, the Royal Family and Nobility Family Tree (with thousands of individuals), History, Economy, etc.


3. An alternative Earth like planet to be free to do as I please Historically. Oddly enough, since the main story linked to it failed because I couldn't forgive the personality and behavior of one of the two protagonists, I can't get into it for too long and with too much intensity. I'm so sad about it, because I do have ideas and such, new languages and all,  and some basic work done, but I can't get into it at least for now, so it's really a basic world in progress.


Oddly enough, or maybe not given my self teem issues, scenarios/worlds 2 and 3 are totally Royalty driven. I mean it's all about the Royal Family, which means I'm bound to "be" the King or Emperor, or the heir, or the wife of them, or the Regnant Queen/Empress... While the DDs integrated in the real world are about my "ordinary" alter ego, the orphan with a dark existence but with a good job, life and sufficient money, and dating or married to the girl of his/her dreams, and with lovely children sometimes.

oh man, my world is totally sprawling. I created it with a friend to base illustrations in, because we're both artists, and it's morphed into the setting for my daydreams-- it's very similar to modern earth except with different 'races' of people differentiated by the types of horns they have (i.e. goat, deer, etc) and they more or less represent different social castes... it's much cooler when you see it drawn, haha. 

this is probably my favorite aspect of DD, especially learning about what other people construct. worldbuilding is my favorite part of storytelling so it's no surprise to me that it manifested in my daydreams.


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