Does anyone else have a constant stream of thoughts and daydreams run through their minds from the moment they wake up? I do and it is a curse ruining the quality of my life. I hate it and wish that it would stop. I constantly feel 'empty.' I wish that my mind was calm and free of background noise. If anyone has tips to stop the constant thoughts and daydreams, sharing your tips would be very much appreciated. 

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Being aware of the chatter is step one which you are
Meditation where you can still your mind even briefly can help
You can listen to the chatter but not be a part of it kind of like an observer or third party
I’m not a day dreamer but have a non stop chattering mind and meditation and yoga help
Keep busy and engage with others hard to day dream when you have to pay attention
Then I tell everybody take ballroom dance lessons
You have to focus so strongly there is no time for chatter
Good luck please keep trying
I know exactly what you mean Vesta, constant mental noise is a good way of putting it, I too have a continual chatter from the moment I wake up. I continually feel empty too, I have underlying sadness that won't go away. I wonder if I am depressed really, though on the face of it have nothing to be depressed about.
What helps? I don't know. Yoga doesn't help, I can daydream wonderfully when I do yoga! Being with others helps, I crave being on my own and dread it at the same time. I'm at my most peaceful mentally when I'm doing my garden probably - no use in winter though.

I do, and it ruins my life. I just got diagnosed with ADHD so I'm hoping some meds will make it go away. 

I understand how you feelbecause I experienced it too. Sometimes the constant stream of consciousness is a bit overwhelming, mainly when I'm feeling depressed and have negative thoughts that I can't repress. I found some hobbies that help me with it. I play video games ,which are a very good way to turn off your brain for an indefinite amount of time (even though I wouldn't  advise to do that for a long time because that can actually lead to an addiction), I also watch movies and tv shows, draw and I'm currently trying to learn a new language. I think everything that requires your full concentration will be a good answer. I hope it helps, somehow.


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